This book selection was updated on February 24th, 2020.
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Free: Ignite!: 5 Proven Strategies To Sparking Your Successful, Scalable and Sustainable Business

In this book, you will discover how to create a successful and scalable business that will dramatically change your business and your lifestyle. IGNITE is a must-have resource for all entrepreneurs and business owners, who are looking to increase their income, as well as create the path to real financial and time freedom. IGNITE addresses many of the crucial issues affecting entrepreneurs and business owners, including, how to: Stop playing small or worse still crashing out of their business G... [Read More...]

Broken: Macy’s Story

Macy Elmsworth has found herself in a mess. The 18 year old pastor’s daughter got in trouble with the law, nearly died, and in the process, damaged her relationship with her family. She now needs to fulfill community service hours. As a last resort, she moves in with her grandparents, where they need a housekeeper at the small motel they own. Feeling broken and defeated, Macy counts down the days her community service hours are over. Until she meets others at the motel. People a lot like her.... [Read More...]

Playing Games With Boys

For readers who have ever had thoughts about the one who got away, author Charlotte Ross says, “I wrote this book for you.” Told through a sequence of stories, it’s a captivating look at how those we’ve loved, those we’ve shared time with, become a part of us. A poignant and ultimately uplifting novel about overcoming loss and recognizing love. $2.98 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lady Isabella

Seduced at the tender age of sixteen, Isabella Stuart did not understand what one poor decision could do to a person’s life. The consequences of her flirtation with the stable boy infuriate her parents, who send her away to give birth and give up her child for adoption. Upon her return to England, she discovers that her freedom remains severely hindered as her parents orchestrate her marriage. Isabella, however, has fallen in love with another man, who unbeknown to her possesses far more than... [Read More...]

Destruction Cycle

A guide to help you through emotional, painful cycles in life. Destruction cycles hit us when it’s time to recreate ourselves and move closer to Who we really are and Why we are here. Destruction Cycles will help you discover wisdom in the chaos you are experiencing, learn powerful inner coping strategies, Integrate back into life, connect with your authentic self and step into newfound power. The book is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step, real-life, conversational style. It is ideal... [Read More...]

The Manuscript

Four old friends. An unpublished manuscript. A long-buried secret. Jeremiah Trent works as a Seattle homicide detective. When he’s contacted by a friend from his childhood, he packs his bags and heads to a mansion in remote Colorado. As he arrives at the best-selling author’s home, Jerry can’t shake the feeling it was a mistake visiting the people from his past. The mystery deepens when Jay offers them a chance to read his newest manuscript, one chapter at a time. When Jerry digs in, he f... [Read More...]

The Star Song

In the port of Khattom, a stranger drugs the young warrior Kitt to steal his sword, thereby leading him to Yoamihassidasse, a lost city in the thrall of a cosmic predator that catches humans in a net of stellar music. Falling to the lure of the Star Song himself, Kitt can only survive by destroying the demon. An army of a hundred bounty hunters has followed him, stealing the riches and slaughtering the defenseless people. Kitt must save the city again. $4,99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Modern Day Disciple: Being Jesus With Skin On

As a Christian, you certainly have knowledge of the twelve disciples chosen by Jesus. But do you know that you are also called to be a disciple? The age of discipleship will never pass away until Jesus returns, conquers, banishes Satan and his followers to Hell for eternity and reestablishes His new world and Heaven. This book is written to help you fulfill this calling. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Destiny Unmasked

Brad, a successful electronics engineer living and working in Singapore, is asked by his friend Gavin to return to his hometown to give advice on a revolutionary invention. He does so, but when he arrives he is unable to discover anything about the invention, including its purpose and location. During his investigations he becomes fascinated by the charismatic Craig Woodville who seems to have the whole town under his benign control. As Brad digs deeper to find the truth, he discovers the seemi... [Read More...]

Free: Submarine Jim

The Shark they Hunted had a Map inside…. Miles the Mutineer is trying to stay out of trouble and when a gang of convicts track a shark to his door, he can’t help shying away…until the shark proves to be hiding a map to the largest treasure in the South Seas. Taking a bag of sea-darts and a shark-whistle, Miles joins an old pirate buddy in the hunt for treasure through a network of shipwrecks, where the key to survival may be joining their enemies. But will joining the shark-hu... [Read More...]

Free: I Am Iron Man

Matthew Sullivan just wants sleep. There is too much going on in his life though – with newborn twins and a toddler to look after – and the effects of three months’ worth of all-nighters are starting to take hold. When an abrasive security guard starts stalking him at his coffee refuge at the local mall, he is forced to take action to protect his family. When he takes his concerns about his safety to police, they start to connect him with a spate of disappearances in the area. Mat... [Read More...]

The Call: Building the Circle (Book 1)

Jacob and his large family are nouveau-riche and not impressed by much. Matilda is a product strategy consultant, eager to make her mark, right up until everything goes wrong. Jake and Matty’s journey to love – screeching shrews, giant rottweilers, gifted dildos, unfortunate tawdry public acts, and family antics included – is the start of something bigger. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Perfect Match

She loves bad boys. He was a regular guy. If she changes her ways, will it lead to true love? Mandy is bad at love, forever choosing the wrong men that only leave her with a broken heart. After coming home from a business trip, she finds herself nursing a broken heart once again. While sitting in a local coffee shop trying to wrap her head around another failed relationship, in walks Chase. Chase is the exact opposite of every guy she has ever dated. He radiates the power and confidence that sh... [Read More...]

Stranded with the Ex-Boyfriend

Trapped in a blizzard with my ex-boyfriend is a nightmare. Worse, I have to pretend to like the handsome, arrogant jerk because he convinces the old-fashioned innkeeper we’re on our honeymoon. He’s acting like a loving husband, but I can’t forget how he broke my heart. Giving him a second chance might just be more dangerous than the storm outside. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Cascade

On hearing the news her adopted father has suffered a second heart attack, Shani B?lcescu dashes from St Aquinas College in Oxford to be at his bedside in Prague. Her father asks her forgiveness, but Shani takes his words to be little more than the ramblings of a dying man. Until the following day, when she discovers the name Tuma Dangbo, a former Séroulése president gunned down in a devastating coup in the West African state thirty-eight years ago. French journalist, Nicolas Dubois, helps Sh... [Read More...]

Free: The Immense Opportunity: Becoming Powerfully Receptive to Life

What must we do to expand to our greatest capacities? The Immense Opportunity seeks to explore this very question. It dives into the core fundamental faculties of human experience, from mind and perception to society and knowledge. Stimulating readers to deeply contemplate their inner mechanics so a life of optimal existence can be unearthed. ... [Read More...]

Catching Cash’s Heart

Can TV’s morning show sweetheart reform baseball’s bad boy? Voted by readers as one of The 50 Best Indie Books of 2019! Cash Warren, star pitcher for the New York Generals, is in trouble with team management for his off-hours partying. He agrees to take part in a charity event with the popular TV morning show host, Holly Hansen. His motivation is to improve his image and not involve his heart. Actions speak louder than words as Holly shows Cash what’s important in life. But wi... [Read More...]

Eric (Strauss Bear Shifter Brothers of Colorado Book 2)

Lydia is the only bear shifter I’ve ever loved. She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted, and her betrayal still stings. She left me without as much as a goodbye. I didn’t think I could forgive her for crushing my heart, for not saying anything before she left. And I definitely didn’t think I’d see her again, much less at the Black Bear Lake Lodge. Lydia isn’t innocent. Those gorgeous eyes are hiding a secret. She has an agenda, or else she wouldn’t be back. I need to find out what... [Read More...]

The Lady is Trouble

In the first in Tracy Sumner’s sizzling League of Lords historical series, mysticism in Victorian England is the setting for a captivating love affair… He’s a viscount with a dark past who yearns for the one woman he can’t have. She’s rebellious, spurned by society and determined to change his mind. What’s a rebellious woman to do when the man she’s meant for doesn’t believe in love? After three years of waiting for Julian Alexander to realize they are destined to be togethe... [Read More...]

Fatal Limit

Dora Stephens can’t refuse this case. When she witnesses Sheila, the aunt of her best friend, stagger out of the hospital and die from a traffic accident, Dora’s private eye instincts kick in. Something’s not right. Sheila had no known enemies… but someone wanted her dead. Digging into the circumstances of Sheila’s death leads Dora on a devious path where she encounters lies, drugs, betrayal, and infidelity. She uncovers another mysterious death and stumbles upon a dark secret kept by... [Read More...]


Love, darkness, torment, and wisps of madness… An outlaw world where cruelty rules… Where some memories are best left alone… Where some deeds are best forgotten…if you can. Legendary Reeka, ultimate ice warrior, Reya has turned her back on peace to fight for the Outlaw Sector’s warlords. Sent to retrieve her, Maverk, the Daamen trader, is eager to see her again. But the past is catching up – one fateful mission, one terror-filled secret that haunts the survivors. It’s coming f... [Read More...]

Free: Unexpected

I will not sleep with my daughter’s new nanny, no matter how hot he is. And boy is he. Preston Hawthorne looks like he’d be more at home on a Hollywood set than playing dress-up with my daughter. But he dotes on her, bringing a sense of calm and order to our home. And the way he looks at me, the way he makes me feel is…unexpected. As if I might spontaneously combust. I know better than to mix business with pleasure, and I certainly don’t fall for men who are nearly a decade ... [Read More...]

Innocent in Las Vegas Boxed Set

Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany Black tries to solve four murders (and a daring art heist!) in this set of four bestselling books. Her match-making mother and poker-playing Nanna insist on “helping” her out, as does her new friend and neighbor, Ian. Hilarious hijinks, secretive suspects and many, many desserts – they’re all par for the course! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Inspired Mama

Inspired Mama is the ultimate mind, body, and lifestyle guide for women seeking to live their best life in motherhood. After reading this book, you will re-discover yourself as a woman in motherhood and learn how to align with the infinite abundance of the Universe. You will also learn how to live by your own unique energetic blueprint, and start intentionally manifesting the life of your dreams. Motherhood is the ultimate balancing act, and freeing the woman within is essential to finding fulf... [Read More...]

The Killing Line

A small rural community is thrown into panic when a local schoolgirl is found dead from a drugs overdose. It is the second in as many weeks. Whilst the locals throw blame on a local rehabilitation centre, detective Jack Harris discovers the girl was murdered. Can he keep the wolves at the door and collar the killer? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ainavel: Episode 1 – The Curse of Two Houses

The sun is dying. Darkness called the Mysterious Void still circles over the Five Lands of Erydan. Long time ago it slipped to the earth through Elivar River – legendary cosmic border. Young Ainavel, who sails with his father, an experienced Guardian of the Sea, will soon find out, that even those, so much focusing on their daily life, will have to face this rising threat. And he will see that there lurks something even worse. Creatures of unknown lands. Ancient curse keepers. $0.99 on Kindl... [Read More...]

Free: Short Love Stories: The Beauty of Women

The Creator created a man as a first attempt, and later created something more beautiful, more sophisticated, more delicate, more successful, more perfect and probably more human – the woman. No, nothing in this world that can compete with the beauty of a woman. Therefore one can understand the attraction to women, love and an urge to love. You will enjoy reading my short stories of love. ... [Read More...]

Free: The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles (Vol 1-3)

Colleen Mooney’s funny, romantic, delightfully meandering cozy mysteries guarantee you gon’ have an authentic New Orleans experience, dawlin’. Three Side-Splitting New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles in a Box Set. You will love these: The offbeat way Brandy goes about it all has a definite whiff of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum; fans of Stephanie Bond, Jana DeLeon, Joan Hess, Lisa Lutz, Sarah Strohmeyer, and Elaine Viets may also find a kindred spirit in this New Orleans dawlin’. And ani... [Read More...]

The Book of WHY (and HOW)

The Book of WHY (and HOW) is designed to help people discover their passion, purpose, and mission while also leveraging the top habits of the world’s top achievers. Broken down into three sections, The Book of WHY (and HOW) reveals the four WHYs that can dramatically change a person’s life, the shortest path to thriving in a challenging world, and the key to becoming more enlightened in the process. In short, multiple TEDx speaker, Corey Poirier, helps readers tap into their purpose so they... [Read More...]

Relationship Help For a Broken, Beaten, and Battered Relationship

Are you ready to be happy with your relationship? We will soon reveal to you the 9 secrets that have completely transformed our marriage, and thousands of relationships from boring, broken, and “can’t deal with you anymore” relationships into beautiful, growing, and “happily ever after” relationships. We are excited to present this ebook to you so that you too can know and understand how to begin feeling good about your relationship. After all, we know it is much e... [Read More...]

The Room Upstairs

You can’t choose your family, but sometimes they’re all that’s standing between you and utter darkness. Martin Gable is a boy becoming a man, but nothing can prepare him for the evil that has entered his home. A mysterious doorway has appeared on the landing outside his bedroom. Something is alive inside the mysterious room beyond. Something old. Something hungry. As old resentments arise and home becomes a dangerous place, Martin must become a man and face down the monster hi... [Read More...]