This book selection was updated on December 07th, 2022.
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Free: Spirit Embraced: A Guiding Memoir for a Life Authentic and Free

2019 Silver Winner – Nautilus Book Awards – “Better Books for a Better World” “It is time to let go of all that holds you back from radiating your brilliance into the world. It is time to surrender all the old habits and mindsets that have constricted you, made you smaller than who you really are. As you release all that does not support your growth and healing, space will open up allowing you to stretch towards your most authentic and free self. “Even from a young a... [Read More...]

Free: Conflict of Intrigues: The Marylebone Intersection

“The microchip is back in play.”Six words. Meaningless to anyone else. To Dr. Jon Markston, however, those words—uttered by the hushed voice on the other end of an unfamiliar number—are fraught with disturbing insinuations. For the former British Army Captain, now Royal Military Academy Sandhurst professor, hearing an unknown caller resurrect a ten-year-old operation, with a hint at a WikiLeaks-style exposure of classified intelligence that was once in his care, is thoroughly al... [Read More...]

Between the Cracks: One Woman’s Journey from Sicily to America

An unforgettable story of love, loss, and courage! . . . After her entire family is killed in the earthquake following Mt. Etna’s eruption in 1908, Angela Lanza accepts a marriage proposal, beginning a new life that takes her from Sicily to New York. This is a vibrantly accurate portrayal of the Italian-American immigrant experience based on a true story! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Don’t sh*t in my toilet

I just soiled myself. Ha! Got your attention (I think). Get ready for a hilarious adventure with original adult humor that spans the comedy spectrum (sketch, satire, bodily, surreal, observational). It’s funny, interactive, and pokes fun at humanity. Don’t let the title fool you! It’s not just about poop, but there are definitely poop jokes. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Little Book Of Gratitude For Kids 1

“A lovely way to share cheer, positivity and joy from a best-selling mindfulness author!” This book will help your child see more good things in life and instill optimism and a sense of wonder. Simply open the book and read a fun prompt that will get your children thinking about all the good things they have in their lives. From family and friends, to pets and toys, there are plenty of surprising and fun reasons to be grateful every day. Whether teaching gratitude to engage students or simp... [Read More...]

Answering Liberty’s Call: Anna Stone’s Daring Ride to Valley Forge

Based on a true story! In January 1778, 29-year old Anna Stone sets out for Valley Forge with life-sustaining supplies for her husband and brothers. Along the way, she’s recruited as a spy–and now the the fate of the American Revolution rests in her hands! Can she elude capture and deliver a crucial message to General Washington before it’s too late? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Very Naughty Christmas: An Age Gap Holiday Romance Collection

‘Tis the season for naughty, forbidden secrets, seductions, and happily ever afters. Fall in love this holiday season.Three brand new sizzling hot age gap romances, specially written to keep you warm this holiday season. (Yes, we are talking about the heat between the sheets!) Book 1: Christmas with My Best Friend’s Dad After two years in Paris studying music, Grace is back in Malibu, CA for Christmas, but she never forgot the last holiday she spent in California having an almost-one-night-... [Read More...]

Encyclopedia of Dad Jokes

The Encyclopedia of Dad Jokes is packed full of hilarious dad jokes that will make you laugh… a LOT!! You’ll soon become the funniest person at home, work, the checkout line at the grocery store, and even the donut shop if you’re a police officer. It’s the best gift for any and every dad. Actually, for anybody who likes to laugh a lot. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Chicago Billionaires Vol 1: A Billionaire Boss Romance Collection

“I’m going to defile you on this desk. I’m going to remind you who you belong to.”If you love dominant, filthy-talking billionaires then don’t hesitate to dive into these 3 full-length novels. Each book is an age-gap, billionaire office romance that will have you clutching the sheets and begging for more. Books Included: Those Three Words I never thought getting fired from my dream job would change my life. And I certainly never imagined three little words would be my undoing.... [Read More...]

Merry At The Inn

A Christmas getaway sounds like her dream come true. When 46-year-old Bridget discovers a bed & breakfast left to her in her late parents’ will, she seizes the chance to reimagine her life and start fresh on the beautiful wintery island of Colonial Beach. But from the moment she arrives, it quickly becomes clear that the property needs more than a little renovation. With fearsome winter storms looming on the horizon and an ever-growing list of repairs hanging over her head, Bridget is for... [Read More...]

Sell More With A Right-Brain Marketing Strategy – Learn How A Simple Change To Your Product Name And Sales Pitch Can Multiply Your Income

Discover How a Simple Change to Your Product Name and Sales Pitch Can Multiply Your Income This book shows you a simple way to add Right-Brain EMOTION to your Ads, Social Media Posts, Emails, and Sales Pitches. This helps transform moderate-selling products and ideas into blockbusters of success – just like it has done for thousands of the most successful marketers. The eye-opening examples will help you recognize something that’s been in front of you the whole time, but you didn... [Read More...]

Christmas with my Best Friend’s Brothers

I should have declined my bestie’s invite to the Bishop’s annual Christmas skiing trip. In the breathtaking French Alps…. With the even more breathtaking Bishop triplets. After catching my ex-fiancé cheating, It was either going on the exotic trip… Or spending Christmas alone. Why was this a bad idea? My roommates include three bullies who gave me the worst moments of my childhood. To make matters worse, they’ve grown into three irritating, hot-as-sin MEN. Oh, and did I m... [Read More...]

Sliding Reality: Builders Legacy Book 2

The scale of Eve Online meets the game-like Ender’s Game, mixed with the universe and reality of the Expanse, spiced with the multi-role OLD Battlefield (and fully destructible environments). Sphere World heralded a greater change than the balance of power between the guilds and free player clans. As Luke struggles with his new reality, his changing future. Brad and Stuart must struggle with the new authority and power they wield. They’re not just dealing with corporations and hostile takeo... [Read More...]

Journey of a Twelve-Year-Old, To a Woman of God : Limited Edition

“Life is like standing in quicksand when you don’t have faith! But the Creator always provides.” The story of a girl’s journey to adulthood, guided by family and faith as; she navigates life’s struggles. Discover how she overcame grief, trauma, and challenges to her morality to emerge the triumphant woman she is today. The Beginning Journey from childhood to a woman of God delivers a valuable message to us all: there is courage to be found in turmoil and strength to be gained in adver... [Read More...]

The Magic of Angel Numbers: Meanings Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences, and What Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Tell You

Discover The Hidden Messages from The Universe and What it’s Trying to Tell You… Learn how to reach out to the universe, connect with your spirit guide, and allow your angel numbers to lead you to your manifested desire. Grab this book now to manifest your dreams now! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


My new neighbor is a firefighter–and a scorching hot single dad–but I swear I didn’t set off that smoke alarm on purpose. (And I was beyond mortified when he rushed in and saw me naked.) Nothing happened, of course–because I, Winnie MacAllister, romance junkie and owner of a constantly broken heart, have sworn off men for one solid year. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy

Running a business can be discouraging, overwhelming, and lonely. Everything looks good from the outside, but on the inside, you’re struggling to take your business to the next level while still living your best life. What you need is a holistic strategy for running a stable company that makes money and allows you to sleep well at night. This might seem like a fairy tale, but it’s not. After years of research and honing their strategies, Kathryn and Michael K. Redman have developed a framew... [Read More...]

Free: Untamed Vixen: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance (Sinners and Angels)

I am wild. I am free. And I will not be tamed. I don’t do relationships. I stick around long enough to have a little fun, and then leave before I can be left. It’s not like anyone has ever held my interest very long anyway. Not until three delectable, mysterious, and frustratingly persistent men show up in my life and completely throw it off course. It was only supposed to be a one-time thing with each of them, but no matter how hard I try to stay away, we keep getting thrown together. Befo... [Read More...]

Overcome Overthinking and Anxiety in Your Relationship: A Practical Guide to Improve Communication, Solve Conflicts and Build a Healthy Marriage

Do you ever feel alone in your relationship because you’re battling internal overthinking and anxiety? Do you wish you could resolve conflicts with a fraction of the time and energy it currently takes? How overthinking affects relationships The reasons why you’re overthinking your relationship How overthinking affects effective communication among couples The necessary steps to take to overcome overthinking in your relationship The right and wrong ways of solving conflicts in relationsh... [Read More...]

Where’s Chuckawalla Bill’s Cabin?: A True Tale of Being Lost in the Hi-Desert

Legends can captivate with an aura of mystery, urging us to uncover the truth or find our own in the art of self-expression. This recount of a horrifying ordeal tasks you, the reader, with Heaton’s perilous thirty hour hike during which, you will experience every known human emotion; from anticipation to desperation, to the redemption one can find in the healing waters of life’s simpler things. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Fun Master

A self-involved academic struggling to cope with his own neurological problems, Jeff could hardly take care of himself, let alone a child with special needs, when his son, Ethan, was born. But despite multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, serious breathing and swallowing problems, hearing loss, and a challenging social environment in his first months of life, Ethan thrived—all the while teaching Jeff to take things as they came. And eight years later, the arrival from China of adopted baby si... [Read More...]

An Alpha for Christmas (BWWM Holiday Romance): 3-Book Set

This set includes: Hawaii Christmas Baby When Talia, a beautiful, black, independent, make-up artist wakes up from an enchanting night in billionaire Jody’s arms, she has no idea that she’s slept with her new stepbrother, the estranged son of her mother’s new wealthy husband, Ben. Even though Talia is convinced their affair is wrong, Talia and Jody can’t keep their hands off each other. Meanwhile, Ben is running for mayor in Hilo, Hawaii, and feels Talia and Jody will jeopardize his cam... [Read More...]

Free: Mommy Thinks I’m Yummy

When I was young, still in daycare, my mom would joke and give me a scare. She’d ask for a bite because I was sweet, she thought it was funny to nibble my feet. Even my tushy, but I said she could not, I need it to sit, I need it quite a lot. So, I decided I’d make things very clear, I wrote a book about it – it’s right here! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Littel Tale Of Wintering

THE SECRET OF THIS WINTER’S TALE HIDES IN PLAIN SIGHT December 2022; Littel Wade village, Dorset. In the four days leading to Christmas as dark nights fall, darker secrets rise. Seemingly impossible objects are discovered in a scrapyard that may be home to much more than just junk, while two friends try to unravel why their village is bereft of smiles, and how events of hundreds of years ago could change everything for one of them.The Littel* Tale Of Wintering is a story to be enjoyed as the ... [Read More...]

The Lost Gospel of Peace

Dear Kindle Readers, I have written a historical novel, and I am hoping that you will find my novel, The Lost Gospel of Peace, intriguing and engaging. The Lost Gospel of Peace reveals long held Biblical secrets that will put things into a totally new perspective. It is a unique use of fiction to unearth hidden truths. Comparable books and authors would be… Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ $9.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Holidays with Dray

Everyone looks forward to the holidays with Dray and Eve and the entire Royce family. But this holiday season will be like no other in a way that no one ever imagined, and these mysterious, nefarious things start as the holiday season begins and will end with a holiday that will go down as the most memorable in Royce family history. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Billionaire Bachelor

The ugly duckling from high school is all grown up, and she’s fiery hot now. She’s also the CEO of the company I’m trying to work for, and the only thing that stands between me and the next level of my career. Fortunately for me, most women fall at my feet. But this ice-hearted beauty from my past? She has me working my ass off to prove that I’m the right model for the GQ cover. You’ve got to be kidding me. This bone structure doesn’t get told no. Not in the boardroom and certainly ... [Read More...]

Snowbound With My Boss

A Billionaire boss, an overworked assistant, a remote cabin, and the blizzard of the century! How will I function without her? When my assistant hands me her resignation, I panic. But that’s not my biggest dilemma. I need a wife ASAP or I’ll lose my company. In a stroke of genius, I rope the uptight Ms. Miller into playing my fake fiancée for Christmas. Maybe I’ll finally get to sample the curves hidden under her shapeless business attire. It’s time to leave this soul-sucking job. ... [Read More...]

Free: Where Fools Dare to Tread: A Monk Buttman Mystery

It’s easy to be a nobody when you’ve got nothing to lose, but with his life on the line, can Monk be a somebody people will remember? A dead man’s money is just waiting to be had. A band of fools and a nobody named Monk Buttman unwittingly find themselves caught in a web of murder and revenge between two unseen factions using them as bait. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Love Me Forever (The Maxwell Brothers)

A surprise baby romance from USA Today bestselling author Layla Hagen“Have dinner with me.”Four words. That was all Travis Maxwell needed to charm me, even though I’d just met him. In my defense, we were kind of stuck together, and he was the hottest man I’d laid eyes on. We spent a glorious week together, knowing we’d go our separate ways in the end. Then two blue lines turn my life upside down. I’m pregnant. Travis and I agree to be friends—nothing more—and to focus on... [Read More...]

Her Secret Savior Wolf

One Fiercest Soldier, One Sweet Innocent Healer and One Cruel King. He was trained to brutally kill and she had the magic to heal. Totally opposite to each other, their hearts were connected. When Jasper helped Iris saving her mother, he was instantly smitten by Iris. And both of them had no idea their life was about to take a three-sixty-degree turn. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Empire: Estate

The conquest of demon ruled Traag almost destroyed the Solarian Empire. Rebuilding the nation is a nightmare. Tia traveled to bucolic Copiah House, stronghold of the once mighty Bestia clan, on what was supposed to be a simple business trip. Instead, she finds herself in a maelstrom of intrigue, wartime secrets, and forbidden magic. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Set Good Boundaries: Where You Stop, And I Begin

Who is really in control of your life? Do you ever struggle to strike a balance between your needs and doing things for others? Does conflict-avoidant behavior make you feel submissive to a family member or friend? Does it ever feel like you are sacrificing your inner peace and disregarding the things that light your fire for someone else’s sake? Set Good Boundaries is the essential handbook that teaches you how to set boundaries in existing relationships and start off on the right foot as yo... [Read More...]

Decluttering Your Life In A Year Or Less!

3 Books In 1 – For everyone tired of looking at the mess in their living situation, do you want to regain back control over your Home, mind, digital life and social media? So you can have a more focused and enjoyable life? Do you like annual plans, practical exercises, free printables, worksheets, checklists and step-by-step blueprints to reach your goals? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, keep reading… Learn How To Keep Your House Under Control, Bring any Home out o... [Read More...]