Free: Taken by My Co-workers – Truth or Dare Threesome in the Hotel Room

Spit-roasted in a hotel room by an older colleague I’ve rejected for years and a younger one I’ve just met two days ago. Playing truth or dare to celebrate a successful exhibition was probably a bad choice. I could say I was tipsy or that the two men seduced me. The truth is that I’d always thought I was the perfect example of a faithful wife. I swore I didn’t want to do any of this… until it happened. And now, there was no way this exciting office adventure would ... [Read More...]

Sleaze at the Little Boutique

Ella Emberlyn, a menswear shopgirl and starving student, has taken it upon herself to become a salesgirl champion (in the naughty world). She hustles in a single girl’s paradise: stimulating work with easy access to the shop’s hottest commodity—sexy rich men. When handsome Tate Pepperknock comes a knocking, will Ella answer? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ménage Place

At the age of forty-seven, Danika Bergin has managed to build a nice, quiet existence as a bookkeeper whose love life edges along the lines of unremarkable. Until, that is, she inherits Ménage Place—a secret sex club once owned by her favorite aunt, Elsa. Now, Danika is thrown into a world of sexual exploration as she takes over the luxurious mansion which hosts a nightly temptation of lust and seduction. Will Danika embrace this new life and break free from the confines that sexually hold h... [Read More...]

Scarlet Rising: An Escort For Hire Encounter (Sierra Personal Services Book Four)

Scarlet’s services have been requested once more. A powerful story of a young woman named Michelle Miller. By day, she is the VP of Legal for Aurora Management Services. At night, an escort for hire, she transforms into Scarlet. A sensual being that can fulfill your desires and wildest dreams She is exceptional. Gifted in many areas. She is the person that you call when you need to release your inhibitions and explore the darker side of your nature. The side that you keep hidden from everyone... [Read More...]

Free: Waisted Pain (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 1)

A guy chasing his last hopes of romance finds a freezing homeless gal on an alley of an American city. He could leave her to die or take her home and care for her. But she’s not just any gal; she looks half her age, is interesting, wild and attractive, and he starts to hope that something can develop. She has no past, not even a name, and they strive to get to know each other in more ways than one. ... [Read More...]

Music of the Night

Phantom of the Opera meets Beauty and the Beast in this gothic-inspired dark fantasy romance. A haunted tower, a mysterious instructor, and the lure of the music of the night… After the death of her father, Aria is left penniless and destitute. To avoid working the streets, she becomes the ward of a Count and moves to a remote town called High Tower. High Tower is a gloomy place with one vivid attraction: the theater. Lords and ladies come from afar to be seduced by a night of unforgettab... [Read More...]

Free: Jared – An Escort For Hire Encounter

Jared David Thomas – VP of Telecommunications for Aurora Management Services. That is his day job. The mask he wears to hide his after-hours identity. An escort for hire, at night he becomes Jared. He is exceptional in every way. Gifted in many areas. Recently hired to reignite a beautiful woman’s passion and leave her with a night to remember. His assignment, Liz, is attending her fifteen-year high school reunion. David observes her throughout the evening, taking in her beauty and imag... [Read More...]

Frat Boy Fun: An Erotic BDSM Story (Erotic Stories From The Dungeon Book 3)

A house full of horny, self-centered frat boys and copious amounts of alcohol is a recipe for disaster. By the time I’m done with these so-called men, their little frat boy escapades will look like child’s play. Because once they cross the threshold into my chamber, they won’t be able to go back to their old, misogynistic ways. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

FREE: ROSA’S CONFESSIONS (Erotic Romance Series)

When Rosa’s partner cheats on her, the innocence of her past existence quickly disappears. She sets out to discover what it’s like to be unfaithful and what delights she’s missed out on during her two-year relationship with her partner. And oh, how life changes when she meets Tracey Cummings. She descends into a world of sexual depravity and her personality and desires alter with each step of her progress. From her beginnings in Superfluous to her steamy adventures in Partial ... [Read More...]