Shattered: Rhodes Family (Book 1)

Olivia thinks her life is set. She was wrong. Now she’s running from everything she thought she knew. Gabriel is as arrogant as they come. Love & marriage are simply not in his vocabulary. Then he sees her and life is forever changed. This the first in the Rhodes family series. Books should be read in order. This is a HEA story with no cliffhangers. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Like There’s No Tomorrow

Told she has cancer and only a few months left to live, Hannah quits her job, buys a Camaro, and goes on a road trip. Leaving her old life behind, she hopes to rediscover her spirit and enjoy her final months. What she wasn’t planning on was falling in love. After all, how could she condemn anyone to such heartache? Yet, despite her head protesting, her heart still finds her soulmate. Jake is too young, too perfect. Most importantly, they can’t have a happily ever after. Or can they? Will H... [Read More...]

Daddy’s Taboo Secrets

-Lily- “You’re too young to know what you want.” I hear it all the time. But I’m sure that I want Harrison Brig. He’s brilliant, rugged, and incredibly successful. The only problem is that he’s forty-five and my late father’s best friend. Which makes him off-limits for me, because I’m just eighteen and supposedly too young for him. And, as I am told, apparently too immature to know what I’m doing. So why does it seem like I’m affecting Mr. Brig in ways that cross every bound... [Read More...]

Free: Before Heaven (Naughty Business Short Story Prequel)

What do a handsome neighbor, a clean-cut customer, and a cheating husband have in common? Lola. They have Lola in common. She’s certain her husband is cheating on her. It’s been weeks since they were intimate and she’s craving contact and pleasure. As her husband grows more distant and their relationship falls apart, she’s driven into the arms of another. Will she find Mr. Right? Or will she simply find Mr. Right Now to help her through this difficult time in her life? Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Karma: Knot Of Murder

In the rowdy streets of Carrow City, a crime had been committed. To understand the crime, the police would have to untangle a web of interlocking stories fastened together by an array of individuals. Mark, an accomplished real estate broker from another city, Gary, a young and rich member of a powerful family and Sam, a dutiful and ambitious trainee detective. What do these three men have to do with this crime? Read up and find out. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Frisson (n.) Shiver of Pleasure

Ménage à Trios-FFM-Erotica I have heightened pleasure while giving men pleasure. They want me to wrap my legs around them and invite them in. I do more than invite them in, I also feed a hunger deep in them. Men want to be desired, and I am overflowing with desire. We both get fed. My friend Monique is warmer than the Sahara Desert, and her face always has the glow of just having had sex. She told me she needs sex like she needs eight glasses of water a day. Sex keeps her alive. It’s oxygen... [Read More...]

Free: Thelma

Anthony Jareau isn’t the kind of man to settle down with just one woman. In his life, both business and personal, he searches for only the best of the best. One fateful Monday morning, he walks into his office to find a petite and curly-haired spitfire demanding answers. She is not like the other women in his life and yet, he is entranced. There is a delicate sort of beauty around her, one that draws Anthony in from the start. He’s only ever been in love once, though the list of partners th... [Read More...]

Daddy’s BULGING TABOO Collection (20 books from Horny House Series)

The Man of the House won’t take no for an answer. The Little Brats and Princesses might think they have a choice in it all, but when push comes to shove, lust takes over. There are too many ways to count in which they succumb, from stuck in a porthole, getting lost in the woods, taking part in a masked swingers party, to becoming his maid slave. There is no rest for the wicked, especially when being taken once isn’t enough! 20 stories in all are included. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Ken Ross Romantic Suspense Series

Wasted Pain introduces Jerry’s father and the homeless gal he saves from freezing in an alley, but from hereon, through PROTECTION, BODIES, MAMA, BROKEN SISTERS, and GOODBYE VIOLET, the erotic non-stop action revolves around Jerry, Patsy and Erica, the protagonists of the series. There are adventures, murders and endless sexual exploits that bring in other interesting characters. An exceedingly hot series for lovers of spicy reads. $0.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]