The Rules of Enchantment

In the mythical kingdom of Salyndria, an exiled sorcerer named Leith plots to overthrow the reign of the Academy. But when the Academy sends a beautiful young scribe, Kyler, to be his apprentice and act as an unwitting spy, he soon discovers his new pupil is far more useful than she appears. As her charms and magical abilities become all too tempting for him to resist, the two join forces to fulfill a hidden prophecy that will grant them incredible power…and change Salyndria’s histo... [Read More...]

Rise: A BDSM Romance

Tomorrow, a man will buy me and slip a silver collar around my neck. This is my story. I was willing to trade a year of my life for the freedom to do anything. But first, I must be trained. Pain and punishment, bondage and submission. I’ll be stripped bare and used every day, taught to be the perfect plaything. I was prepared for the agony and ecstasy that would be my future, but nothing will prepare my heart for the man who shows me that there is a beauty in the breaking. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Forbidden (Death Dealers MC 1)

Gage Hunter is the one man Raven shouldn’t want. He’s older, and the president of a motorcycle club, but how can she resist the hot, dirty-talking biker when he awakens things in her she’s never felt before? With danger lurking in every corner, can Gage protect the woman who means more to him with each passing day? ... [Read More...]

Call Me Sugar

  My first love. My first lust. Fourteen years later, my feelings haven’t changed. But it’s not that simple… I’m right back where I said I’d never be. Living in the house I was raised in, giving up an action-filled job in the city to return to a town that’s emptier than a tomb, working in a place that once made my skin crawl. All for a boy I lusted for who turned me down flat, and another that I loved who walked away with my virginity. But things aren’t as they seem. Keit... [Read More...]

The Silver Sunday: A Tale of Hypnotic Seduction

Trent Jacobs, a server on the crew of the luxurious motor yacht, Silver Sunday, cannot believe his luck when he receives an invitation to an overnight dinner party from the yacht’s owner, Sophia Rubinstein. After talking his girlfriend into attending, the two find themselves out to sea for one night with a strange assortment of guests, and a bizarre troop of entertainers. However, it is the yacht’s owner who is even more mysterious, seductive, and enticing than he ever could have im... [Read More...]

One Steamy Summer – A Taboo Romance: Toni and Tom Series (Books 1-4)

An innocent girl. A tattooed biker. And a steamy clash of wills… One Steamy Summer is a sizzling age-play romance featuring an older man and a younger woman. If you’re over 18, like alpha males, bikers and strong dominant men, dive right in! $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: PROTECTION: Sex, Revenge & Romance (Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series Book 2)

This is the second book in the Ken Ross Romantic/Erotic Suspense Series. A gunshot, then three gals rush into a guy’s city flat, and his life will change forever. This romantic suspense story delivers shocks when they’re least expected. There’s sex, and more sex, painting a picture of unbridled lust and physical depravity, but there are many surprises as the story unfolds and leads the reader to a world of sadness and explanation. ... [Read More...]

Riding The Heat Wave (Erotica)

Riding The Heat Wave is an Erotica written as three characters in one. It explores the life of a young boy who is exposed to snippets of sexual behaviour from as early as 7 years old. It somewhat fades away as he becomes an adolescent but quickly resurges later well strengthened! He tries to subdue that power but quickly realises that it was a gift of experience in disguise, to give him the know-how to heal the broken! See price on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: My Husband’s Boss (Erotica)

My husband’s boss is touching my butt! Coming to the beach with my hubby seemed to be the perfect way to enjoy a rare free day. Meeting his boss wasn’t expected, though, nor my husband selling me to him to try to keep his job. As I watch Brian giving me away, exposing me to his boss and to the other people at the beach, I wonder if this wasn’t planned from the beginning. ... [Read More...]