Black Moon

A Riveting Sizzler with Nonstop Action by Multi-Award-Winning-Author & Former Special Agent, ANDREW CERONI
When a second new moon appears in the same month, it’s called a black moon. In parts of the US, superstitions abound concerning black moons. CIA Agent Dave McClure is on a fly fishing trip with colleagues in the Bitterroot Wilderness of western Montana during a black moon. Simultaneously, members of a Mexican cartel break from a prison transport bus in eastern Montana, kill everyone, and head for the Bitterroot Wilderness, thinking police will bet they went back south. If this isn’t bad enough, Chinese agents kidnap former DCI, Jack Barrett, on the Army Navy Club golf courseChina needs to know what the US installed on the mountains of Taiwan. McClure must rescue Jack and blood will flow. China decides to take revenge on McClure at his residence with four armed Chinese assassins… McClure’s greatest challenge ever. Will he prevail?
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