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Forbidden Road

If you love epic love, college romance, time travel, destined lovers, and magic…

A powerless witch. An injured knight. Can two college students stuck in the past defeat a traitor who would destroy their own future?

Kim Taylor knows the value of secrets. If the wrong people find out she’s a witch, the final year college student will risk her family and her own existence. But living in hiding comes at a terrible price; nobody is there to help her when a spell sends her to the distant past, with no memory of who she is. Without her powers to protect her, she unknowingly becomes an integral part of her fathers plot to assassinate the king.

Olympic fencer Seth Rivers needs a college degree to secure a steady job. But when he meets Kim, and falls hard and fast for her captivating beauty and independence, he knows he will do anything to keep her safe. Even going back in time and forgetting everything he knows.

Except that now, in the past, Kim is a traitors daughter and Seth must protect his king. And in a world of dangerous magic, dragons, and violent knights, the life of a traitors daughter is not something that Seth would think twice before sacrificing.

Praise for Forbidden Road!

The whole book had me intrigued and guessing, and I was just in love with the whole thing! I cant wait to see what comes next in the Evans Witches series!! Nikki Evans, on Goodreads

College is hard enough now imagine being sent back in timeIts a great read that give is hints of Camelot, Arthur and Merlin. Jackie Diaz, on Amazon

The concept was something Ive never read before. I enjoyed every second of this book filled with magic and love! The development of the characters was interesting especially after the twist Kendall k_reads21, on Instagram

I absolutely adored this story, I couldn’t stop reading. This was definitely a one more chapter type of a read, I finished before I realized how much time had passed. The writing was done really well and the plot was so interesting. I absolutely loved both of the characters of Kim and Seth. I really enjoyed reading their love story. I felt so bad for Seth at points. I could feel the emotions through the pages of this book. I really enjoyed everything about this book, I wont give spoilers but the going back to the past was just so well done. The magic/having powers element but needing to hide was great. I also really enjoyed the hints of Camelot and Merlin that was in there. I cant wait to read more from this author. Kim Dabbs, Amazon

The author really captures your attention from the very beginning of Forbidden Road. I went into this pretty blind and it was a great experience. It is really fast-paced and kept me drawn in. I enjoyed seeing the character development and growth throughout the MCs and I cant wait for book 2! Taylor Elena livinglife.lovingbooks , on Instagram Free on Kindle.
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