Free: Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway!

Good Day or Bad Day – I Love You Anyway! The poor little thing, woke up very upset, thinking: “how much worse can it get?” But mom was in a hurry and made it clear: “We have to go now, there’s no time, my dear.” That morning, mom had to say everything twice: “Please brush your teeth and wear something nice. Where are your shoes, you’re not ready at all…? Why did you pour so much milk in that bowl?” ... [Read More...]

Free: The Three Royal Children and the Batty Aunt

Three royal siblings embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this fantastic story for children ages 6 and up. Princess Celeste is bored to tears, and her brothers, Prince Jude and Prince Torrin, aren’t doing much better. In a palace where all they have to look forward to are endless games of croquet and barley-water soup for supper, they don’t have much by way of excitement. Until the one night Torrin sees a light in a forgotten tower of the palace, and they meet a wonderful and my... [Read More...]

Free: The Snail Who Forgot the Mail

Teach your child patience !!! ********************** “You forgot the mail?!?!” The king yelled at the snail. But the snail stayed as calm as could be. He was not afraid of the king, you see. He knew where the gift was; he knew what to do. The monsters learned that patience pays off too. We are all familiar with the phenomenon of children wanting everything “here and now”. This story describes just such a situation. I hope you and your children will enjoy it and learn fro... [Read More...]

Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire

Told in rhythmic rhyme, Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire is the story of an overzealous inventor mouse who never gives up. Always willing to help a friend, Amelia never loses her enthusiasm as she creatively embarks on her inventing journey. If only we could all be so passionate! This story reminds readers young and old that success happens where passion and determination meet. It encourages readers to try and fail, and that each failure is an opportunity to learn. Even when it means i... [Read More...]

Free: The Colorless Chameleon

Chameleons communicate through their colors, but what happens if they give them all away? This is a beautifully illustrated, funny story on what it takes to stand up to your friends and claim what is rightfully yours. Shows kids 3-7 how to navigate the sometimes tumultuous feelings of early friendship. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Jokes for Kids

The books “Jokes for kids” offers side-splitting fun anytime and anywhere. Kids will be laughing and sharing silly jokes with everyone in no time! Great for early readers! Kids love jokes! There are jokes about animals, school, monsters and knock knock jokes. Lots of fun and entertainment for your child. Keep kids laughing, learning, and reading for hours with this book of jokes for kids. ... [Read More...]

The Amazing Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

Jimmy’s orphaned life was miserable because of incessant bullying because he looked different. He ran away in search of a place where he could fit in and stumbled into the underground world of Roombelow. There he rescued the little lady, Gemma, who lived at the bottom of the well but didn’t know how she got there. With the aid of magic from the friendly Witch Matilda, Jimmy’s courage saves Roombelow from several threats and he discovers the cave world which Gemma had been swept aw... [Read More...]

Free: Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Autumn Tales

Who lives behind the tiny, red door with the cheese-shaped knocker, high in the tallest tree in the woods? When Hallie climbs the tree and crosses a magic branch, she shrinks to mouse size – just the right size to find out. She dares to peek inside, take tea with Mr. Snuggywhiskers, the friendly, well-spoken mouse who lives there, and discover the fun and mystery of his world. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Evil Covid Ninja

The Coronavirus has brought wearing a mask and social distancing to all of our daily lives. Children are going back to school in many communities. Family life, work-life, and/or daily life has been disrupted for most households. The beautiful illustrations help to bring alive the story as you share the coronavirus discussion with your child. Read and enjoy the illustrations in this story with your child today. ... [Read More...]

A Kite at the Edge of the World

In a seaside village, two boys meet. When the older boy reveals he is dying, the younger one announces, “Then we should do something fun today.” So they decide to make a kite. But first they’ll need supplies, and the money to buy them, and they’ll have to get around all the grown-ups who might stand in their way. And so this never-to-be-forgotten day begins. This is a story of friendship, of first loss, and of seizing the day. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]