Rosehip: A Very Curious Fairy

Meet Rosehip, a very curious fairy responsible for taking care of the rose hip buds and follow her (mis) adventure as she learns an unforgettable lesson in teamwork from a very curious little girl! Each book in The Very Fairy series follows the (mis) adventures of a fairy carrying out their very fairy duties, and what happens when those duties don’t always go as perfectly as they had fairy planned. You’ll meet Rosehip, Marigold, Pinecone, Blueberry, and more – all full of very... [Read More...]

A Dream

There’s a new addition to the family- it’s a baby boy! All seemed well and perfect but Mum is feeling rather on edge… Baby is healthy and normal like any other newborn, except that he’s way too small! Day after day, Baby’s (small) size became Mum’s only obsession. Then one night, she had a strange dream. ... [Read More...]

Artania: The Pharaoh’s Cry

When two young artists meet, they have no idea that their shared passion for creating will lead them into an art-created world that only they can save from destruction. Likened as a cross between Percy Jackson and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, this book’s compelling characters join mythical creatures that help the heroes on their road to adventure. ... [Read More...]

Free: Louis Joseph’s OOH RAH

Imagine being a lonely little bear with a big imagination and just one dream to become a soldier. It takes a friend to enter a lopsided little kitten with a wobbly eye and a plan to dig a foxhole in the forest to set into motion an adventure that culminates in a dramatic rescue mission worthy of the armed forces. Ooh! Rah! Louis-Joseph’s Ooh Rah is an adventure story for every young reader who harbors the dream of becoming a brave soldier. A wonderful gift to pay tribute to any soldier.... [Read More...]