The Hardest Hit

Eleven-year-old Sam Parker is a hockey player entering the first year in which body checking is allowed. His natural fear of getting hit is temporarily overshadowed by finding out his parents are getting divorced. Determined to keep them together by being a hockey superstar, Sam instead suffers a bone-crunching check from the school bully in his first game of the season. The resulting pain and fear brings out the worst in Sam as one difficulty after another piles on. Even his best friend, Jill,... [Read More...]

Uprising of the Pencils

Heavily inspired by the Brain Jacques “Redwall” series, J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and *THAT* famous grasshopper scene in “A Bug’s Life”. It’s time for an abused population to fight for their freedom. For humans, it’s just an old cardboard box with school utensils. For the pencils inside the box, it is San Ford, a city where they were forced to live under the ruling thumb of the Erasers. This dominant minority, headed by Ink Earl, have held their power for too lon... [Read More...]

Free: Toothless Jim

When a Crowd of Strangers Calls you Captain… Sixteen-year old Miles is born with a desire for battle and forced to wash dishes…But when wild and dangerous Toothless Jim washes ashore, Miles finds himself captain of a crew loyal to Longfellow Jim. Touting new talents, he is handed the weight of the dangerous mission to uncover Marco Polo’s mythical silver. If Miles can’t find a way to steal the treasure and connive with the other buccaneers, the ancient treasure will fall... [Read More...]

Free: Brown As I Am

Brown As I am is a story about a Brown boy who plays and explores, he is simply being a boy. He knows that he is brown and may face challenges, but it doesn’t stop him. He is not afraid. He is brave. Why Choose “Brown As I Am” Representation matters: This story will encourage young boys of color to embrace who they are. Beautiful Illustrations: Illustrated by a Person of Color. ... [Read More...]

Free: Jasper the Island Hopper: A Day on Mahe

A perfect travel book for your little ones, especially dog lovers and young explorers. Join an adventurous dog on this ride, as he visits the islands of one of the smallest countries in the world, the Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean. A fun and educational rhyming picture book with very colorful illustrations with engaging questions to test your kids on the last page. ... [Read More...]