Strike Three, You’re Out!

How many strikes does it take? The boys return in their most outrageous book yet. These boys just don’t seem to quit. Follow them on a series of hilarious adventures. So, what happens this time? For starters, they prank their teacher, modify a pitching machine, literally get carried away, and become rock stars overnight. Can William ever be stopped? Strike Three, You’re Out is the third book in the ongoing I Told You So series of humorous stories shared in short standalone bursts. H... [Read More...]

Free: Egyptian Mythology for Kids and Teens

How were humans created according to Egyptian culture? How did the ancient Egyptians calculate time? What influence did the Nile have on the development of their civilization? What was the world’s first board game? This captivating picture book answers these and many other questions about the ancient Egyptian civilization, telling fabulous mythological stories of gods, pharaohs and sacred animals. Mythology has always held a great fascination for Western civilization, inspiring art, literatur... [Read More...]

Free: Noah’s Treehouse (Book 2 in the series If Not You, Then Who?)

It’s finally treehouse day! And seven-year-old Noah Fairley cannot wait to start building. But as Noah, Dad, and Grandpa get to work, they run into one problem after another. Determined to finish the treehouse in time for the meteor shower, Noah looks for inventions that will solve their problems and imagines helpful tools that he could invent. If you liked The Magic School Bus, you’ll love this new series. ... [Read More...]

Treat Others The Way You Want to be Treated

Ella was worried about moving into a new school and a new environment. But her new teacher Ms Amy made things easy for her. By the end of her first day she had made new friends and had settled happily. He was a kind boy and helped her with the school work. During recess, he showed her around the school and even introduced her to his group of friends. By the time Ella went home, she was feeling a lot better. She had already made three new friends! Mike, Sam and Lisa were friendly and soon made h... [Read More...]

Free: My mom is an ALIEN!

The evidence is piling up! HOW do parents know what children are doing in another room? Why do they stay up late? As he searches for answers to these age-old questions, the young author concludes there is only one possible explanation…his mom must be an alien! Adults will laugh, yet the questionnaire at the end of the book may make your child or grandchild wonder: Could my mom be an alien, too? (Adventure Thru Imagination Books) ... [Read More...]

Free: Yuka’s Way Home

Get ready to follow Yuka the caribou on his unexpected adventure as he meets new friends and finds his place in his new Arctic home. Yuka’s Way Home is a story about courage and perseverance, old friends and new ones, as well as fresh beginnings; an educational children’s book that is full of exciting adventures and amazing lessons to be learned along the way. Heartwarming to both parents and children alike, learn about the importance of caribou and the Sami culture in a fun and wonderful w... [Read More...]

Power The Super Dog

Power The Super Dog is a fun and exciting hip-hop rhyming book created to help you bond with your child! While helping them love and accept people of all walks of life. Little Bella is visually imparied. She has to see with her heart ! God loves her so much that he sent her a Dog named Power who helps transform her life and make her heart smile. But that’s not it! Power the Super Dog is a hip-hop dog who can rap! So jump in! Rap the book with your child! Kids love music & words that r... [Read More...]