Free: Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers: The Autumn Tales

Just in time for back-to-school – this early-reader chapter book is the first in the award-winning Tales of Mr. Snuggywhiskers series. When Hallie and Cory meet dapper and well-spoken Mr. Snuggywhiskers, they discover a connection between this mysterious mouse and their family. Tap the cheese-shaped knocker, pour the tea, and let the adventures begin! ... [Read More...]

Free: Children’s Book: The Recycling Party

The book “The Recycling Party” de-scribes ways of reusing everyday products in a playful, imaginative and creative way. Benjy and Emma are special children. They revive used containers, newspapers and even furniture. Their rich world is inspiring by showing how recy-cling could be turned into a formative experience for the little ones. The book was amazingly illustrated by Yaara Eshet and her illustrations were exhibited in the museum. ... [Read More...]

Know Who You Are – For Kids!

This beautifully illustrated book tells a meaningful story of Katy’s struggle with self-esteem. Comparing her weaknesses to her friends’ strengths has her discouraged until, one day, she finally makes peace with her individuality. Written by an Image and Life-Coach with suggestions to help you discuss this difficult topic with your child. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Matt Monroe and the Secret Society of Odontology

Fourteen-year-old Matt Monroe is enjoying an ordinary summer with friends in his rural Pennsylvania neighborhood, until one night, mysterious red lights appear in the sky over the Monroe family farm and strange creatures begin stalking the woods. When he discovers a set of wooden tablets and a mysterious ring in his great-grandfather’s dental chest, an ancient prophecy begins to unfold. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Who Am I?: Discover How Perfect You Are

Dear Parents, Did you know that: Children are born Perfect. That we become what we think about. You are your child’s most valuable teacher. We all have a self-image. It is how we see ourselves. It is “conditioning.” It is a “programming”. It is a paradigm. It operates like an “aut0-pilot”. The paradigms are past down from one generation to another. The paradigms are created by the environment and our culture. Our mother tongue is a paradigm. A childR... [Read More...]

Poseidon’s Storm Blaster (The Legend of Pineapple Cove)

Pineapple Cove is just like any other island town. Well, except for one thing…it has a secret. One that Kai and Delphi must uncover if they hope to save their town from a terrible threat. Will Kai and Delphi uncover the secret in time to save their town? Poseidon’s Storm Blaster is an enchanting chapter book for kids with themes of bravery, kindness, and friendship. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]