Free: Rosie and Josey and The Realm of Magic

Siblings Rosie and Josey are shocked to discover that gifts left to them by their late gran, actually turn out to be portals to another realm altogether. The Realm of Magic. Here they discover the delights and the dangers that exist within this truly magical place. Join the duo on their incredible journey that promises to be the first of many wild adventures within the Magic Realm. ... [Read More...]

Free: One Million and One Amazing Pets

A National Indie Excellence Award finalist and eLit Award winner! Can you imagine having an octopus as a pet? How about a miniature horse or a tarantula? Take a trip around the world with photographs of amazing pets. Compare maps showing each animal’s natural range and learn fascinating facts and scientific names – then answer Research questions and check out ten top tips for choosing a pet. What’s inside? •Amazing photographs •Colorful maps with pop-up location facts •R... [Read More...]

Free: Geronimo Jim

The Dead Shark had a Man inside… Being a secret pirate is no easy thing for Sixteen-year-old Miles who is a dishwasher in the South Seas…But when a convict floats ashore after escaping an ocean prison, Miles’ life is suddenly endangered. Fleeing into the wild, Miles joins the convict on a quest for lost treasure involving a crashed glider, a sunken ship, and an abandoned tank. But will Telescope Jim, the underground ruler of the South Seas, discover the treasure first? And wil... [Read More...]

Free: Ruby the Rainbow Witch: The Lost Swirly-Whirly Wand

When a giant gust of whistling wind tosses and tumbles Ruby’s swirly-whirly wand away, she gathers her friends and travels to the end of the rainbow to find it. Along the way, they meet Lollie Pop the Leprechaun and discover how fabulously fun it can be to make a new friend and work together to solve a problem. After all, that’s what friendly friends are for! ... [Read More...]

Free: Submarine Jim

The Shark they Hunted had a Map inside…. Miles the Mutineer is trying to stay out of trouble and when a gang of convicts track a shark to his door, he can’t help shying away…until the shark proves to be hiding a map to the largest treasure in the South Seas. Taking a bag of sea-darts and a shark-whistle, Miles joins an old pirate buddy in the hunt for treasure through a network of shipwrecks, where the key to survival may be joining their enemies. But will joining the shark-hu... [Read More...]

Free: Barely Bears

If only Gus and his bumbling friends knew that raiding the local campground for food of questionable nutritional value would have serious repercussions one day. No, not the threat of being permanent outcasts, something much worse. The realization they are the one and only hope the bear-clan has to save themselves from the evil villain Roman. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Quicksand Jim

The Clues to the Ancient City were Hidden on the Animals… Marooned on a desert island where scavengers pillage for spare parts, Miles the Mutineer waits for contact from his fellow buccaneers. But when he discovers a map in the bones of a giant mammoth, he is plunged into a feud between pirate factions, at the center of which is a dangerous treasure. After taking refuge with a band of pillagers, Miles discovers there are more to his shipmates than he suspects. Their feud with outlaw, Quic... [Read More...]