My Cat Called Red

What if you found a cat with a magic purr? A cat who could turn your life around, if only you realized it? Red is such a cat. Mid-grade chapter book My Cat Called Red is a heartwarming adventure story by author Jane Lightbourne, about friendship and courage in the face of danger, featuring the magical cat Red and the purr that transforms children’s lives. Category bestseller and modern classic, My Cat Called Red is designed for children aged 8 to 12, but will appeal to all ages. $3.99 on Kind... [Read More...]

Free: The Adventures of Pookie: Mission Fat Hearts

Are your kids ready to be secret agents for Santa? Join Pookie, Thor, and their new friend Kisa the Elf to spread kindness EVERYWHERE. With 25 random acts of kindness missions, your kids will experience many ways they can spread kindness to people around them and see firsthand the difference it makes in other people’s lives. ... [Read More...]

The Amazing Bees

“The Amazing Bees is a must read for all children, their parents, teachers and others.” – Dr. Renai Jonas Follow the exciting adventure of Princess Debbee, a honeybee who sets out to save her hive from destruction by thoughtless humans. This engaging story teaches children how their actions impact the environment and provides a powerful female role model to look up to. With gorgeous full-color illustrations and 10 free coloring pages, your kids will fall in love with Debbee an... [Read More...]

WHAT IF… All the Hippos Got Loose And Came To Live With Us?

This delightful little book asks the question “What If… All The Hippos Got Loose And Came to Live With Us?” and answers that very question with charming illustrations and rhyming words. It could be awkward, no question, but oh so hilarious and truly worth it! $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pablito Bandito #2 the Case of the Missing Chickens

The neighbor’s chickens have gone missing. The humans think it is coyotes, but Pablo and his team know the truth. Izzy is up to her usual shenanigans with a surprising outcome. When I got to her, I yelled, “Izzy, did you hear what I said?” as I watched her twirling around. “Well, no, you were running, and I was twirling. It pretty much came out like gobbledygook,” Izzy answered. “Have you seen my ball, ball, ball while you were running? ”Get ready to enjoy Pablo and his team as th... [Read More...]

Joey Finds His Jump!: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers

“A beautifully illustrated story about the power of persistence…Breathtaking colored pencil illustrations bring Joey’s world to life…This delightful first installment of the Dance-It-Out series by Once Upon a Dance is sure to please readers of all ages.” ~Reedsy $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: What Good Luck Bad Luck

This book about self-esteem and appreciation is fun to read. It is a good message for all children and well worth discussing with them. It is important to teach children about character building, and to reinforce the concept of acceptance of self and others, and of self worth. It is a profound topic that is told in a captivating and humorous way. ... [Read More...]