Free: The Solve: Finding Forrest Fenn’s Fortune and Leaking the Lie That Endangered His Legacy

A thrilling outdoor adventure, searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure (valued at $2 million) found on June 6, 2020. Having found that which has been long sought after, the author digs even deeper to uncover the truth behind Fenn’s legacy, only to discover a slight distortion. There was a falsity that went just a little too far. Forrest Fenn had surely crossed the line and it must be called out. Now to prove it! ... [Read More...]

Free: Boy Meets Demon

A tale of teenage lust and bloody revenge. Sixteen-year-old, Jay, summons a demon to take revenge on the homophobic, school bullies who are making his life miserable. In Hell, the currency is an eye for an eye, and each act of vengeance marks Jay’s immortal soul, earning him a one-way ticket to the fiery underworld. The demon, Rascal, Prince of Flames and son of the former Devil, finds himself attracted to Jay. The way Jay’s lip quivers with fear. Jay’s shining, blue eyes so different fro... [Read More...]

From the Painted Tomb: Something Ancient is on its Way

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB, a dark fantasy layers the story of a contemporary woman who vows to never trust again, and an immortal Egyptian prince from the 18th Dynasty. In his desire to protect a copper-haired slave who becomes queen, Prince Rahmor undergoes a secret ritual that transforms him into a terrifying beast. His love and admiration for this woman not only changes his life, but the consequences of that love carry through the ages to a thirty-two-year-old copper-haired American woman. $0.99... [Read More...]

Free: Murder and Mozzarella

Claire DeNardo finally has her own private detective agency, DeNardo & Son. The son is her beloved dog, Charlie. Her first client is the wife of a Cleveland power broker who hires Claire to find her missing daughter and to make sure her derelict stepson isn’t guilty of foul play. But Claire quickly discovers her client’s family hides more secrets than there are sprinkles on the cupcakes at her Aunt Lena’s bakery. This dangerously spicy case leads Claire to uncover a widespread crimina... [Read More...]

Breaking Up With My Boss

Okay, so taking a golf club to my boss’s precious sports car was probably an overreaction—but damn did it feel good. However, him showing up to my house to blackmail me into marrying him AFTER he fired me? WAY out of line. If there’s one person that can make me hate my very existence, It’s Matthew Lewis III, my boss from hell. Imagine the devil’s younger, sexy brother in a three-piece suit. He’s the kind of man that makes any sort of rational thought go right out the window—which ... [Read More...]

Sunsets Never Wait

  From the Amazon bestselling author of The Storm Beyond The Tides comes the personal saga of two people whose troubled lives intersect on the remote west coast of Ireland in 1981. Winters are long on the windswept coast of Connemara, where Tara Doherty has come to live after the death of her husband. The isolation is all but unbearable until a mysterious tenant moves into the house at the bottom of the hill. James Dunford has come from America but he won’t say why. He spends his days fi... [Read More...]

Streaming Sarah

Streaming Sarah is a unique paranormal mystery thriller that is being adapted to film. If you love mysteries with a supernatural twist, then you will love this novel. It has a thought-provoking mix of mystery, afterlife & whodunit. On her wedding day, homicide detective Katie Hanson attempts suicide. Her failed suicide causes her to slip into a coma. When she wakes from the coma, she realizes the gate to the spirit world remained open… wide open. Now Katie hears voices, sees things ... [Read More...]

The Interview: Country on Fire

As protests, riots, fires, and rampant crime rock the world, Shawn Thomas finds himself in an interview room the morning after the most violent night in Atlanta’s history. APD Detective Vaughn has made it his mission to find out how things escalated the way they did, but when his questioning takes a turn down a dark, unexpected path, Thomas scrambles to tell a believable story. It doesn’t take long for Thomas to realize that he’s playing tug-of-war in his own mind and his fear... [Read More...]