The Seduction of Emy and Other Stories

35 crisp, literary short stories, packed with human drama, quirky sex, nutty religion, and lots of not-gonna-take-it-anymore women, both human and otherwise. See the author’s website,, for some sample reading, and see “The Seduction of Emy and Other Stories” trailer on YouTube. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Rotunda Table

His family had a terrible accident when he was a child. Now Lenchen, surrounded by a dystopian environment, lives alone in the family tower. Every day he tries to escape from the past and its dark pages. Tonight, on a rainy and stormy night, some strange visitors will bring his nightmares back to life. Tonight Lenchen will learn that sometimes you have to burn your past rather than breathe it. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Vise Manor

Eight guests travel to a secluded mansion in the countryside for a demonstration of the most advanced synthetic humans ever created… what they get instead is MURDER. Come for the free booze and fancy dinner; stay because the doors are locked, people are dead, and every man, woman, and machine is a suspect. The doors automatically open at sunrise, but will anyone be left to tell the mysterious secrets of Vise Manor? Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Where the Light Shines Through: An Olivia Penn Mystery (The Olivia Penn Mystery Series Book 1)

A shocking murder … Family secrets revealed … Her life will never be the same. Olivia Penn is looking forward to visiting her father while spring is in bloom in her beautiful hometown of Apple Station, Virginia. Her plans to enjoy a week of relaxation with her friends and family vanish, though, when a mysterious murder occurs within hours of her arriving home. When a body is found at an abandoned manor house, and the police accuse her childhood friend of the crime, Olivia searches for the e... [Read More...]

Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace

Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace follows the story of two women from different backgrounds in pursuit of manifesting God’s grace in the midst of tragedy and misfortunes. The story of Leah and Tamar explores the lives of these two women and what they teach us about incurring the scorn of others, the impact of sin on the innocent, surviving adversity, and experiencing God’s grace in hard places. They are very different and yet their lives both speak to the power of grace that comes when it is mo... [Read More...]

Beyond the GPA: How to Give Your Student an Edge with College Admissions

Your student’s GPA is just one piece of the college admissions puzzle? What else really matters? This essential guidebook equips parents with 20 easy-to-follow strategies to navigate the college selection, application and college admissions process. You will discover how help your student select the right schools, craft an impressive application, create college essays and stand out from the crowd. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Send In The Tort Lawyer$

Prepare to laugh until you cry as fearless tort lawyers Pap and Pup navigate uproarious lawsuits that are endemic of our time. Patrick A. Peters (“Pap”) and his twin brother Prescott U. Peters (“Pup”), the fearless tort lawyers whose zany exploits delighted readers of Tort$ “R” Us and Please Pass The Tort$, return with yet another round of legal mayhem guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry. Their latest antics include a lawsuit on behalf of consumers who... [Read More...]

Free: Rat King

He’s been waiting for her… Grey Miller hasn’t been herself since her arrival at Kaleidoscope. The pale skin, dark hair, and silver eyes of Bram Von Mayerling are a magnetic force drawing her ever closer, yet the reclusive owner insists on keeping her at arm’s length. Is he a spellbound prince, or a dangerous beast? Bram is the owner of what was once the most buzzed-about private pleasure dome for the movie stars of the Roaring Twenties—a place to indulge their most illicit desires... [Read More...]

The Runaway Bride and the Outlaw Pirate

Discover the love between a daring outlaw pirate and a brave runaway bride. None of the men from upper-class Regency England attracts Cassandra. Until she meets the devilishly handsome outlaw pirate, Jeremy Hawkins. Escape into the world of Regency England and follow Cassandra’s journey to freedom. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]