Not only is Kosby Matthews mesmerized by Deion Richardson’s royal blue eyes, but the two are deemed the perfect correlation. Their fusion is reminiscent of Ying and Yang until they run into tough topics like pre-marital sex or whose church to attend. That’s when the horns come out. Can these lovers survive and still obey God? When Kiarra Maxwell meets Officer Goody; tall, dark chocolate, and fine, she believes her streak with unemployed men is finally over. However, Officer Derrick Andrews ... [Read More...]

Deep Blue

I had always been able to accomplish anything I had put my mind to. Sometimes I felt like it was a gift, and other times it felt like a curse. Hard work and dedication were things that served me best when nothing else could. When I got the idea to form my own little Garden of Eden, I knew that only the best and most beautiful flowers would do. But much like anything that’s given the opportunity to grow, discipline is a need to ensure prosperity. Wildflowers aren’t what I wanted, however, on... [Read More...]

Cupcakes & Crumb

Afterlife takes five women on different paths, a death brings them home. But friendship might not be enough to keep them together. When Bria Landon and her estranged father each inherit fifty percent of a small-town cupcake shop, her dad hires her worst enemy, and first love, to turn the place into a soulless franchise…or sell it. To save her aunt’s legacy, Bria needs the help of people who love the bakery as much as she does—her old friends who worked there fifteen years ago. They want t... [Read More...]

The Julia Street Series

A segregated train ride is only the beginning to a story spanning seven decades. In 1943 Sara and Ben Jameson moved their young family from the Southside of Chicago to Berkeley, California dreaming of a better life. What they dreamed of and what they found were worlds apart. In Berkeley, they were greeted with segregated housing, separate but unequal schooling and limited opportunity for employment. Unwelcome in other parts of town, they had within their all-Black working-class neighborhood all... [Read More...]

Saving Abby

As a soon-to-be-mother, there is nothing Claire won’t do to protect her unborn child. But then the unthinkable happens, and Claire gets sick. Her treatment may hurt her child…but if she refuses treatment, she may not survive long enough to hold her baby. The answer seems obvious, but it’s not just Claire’s life that is at stake. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Last Assignment

A simple assignment; Audit the Accounts of a small night club run by two brothers. There is suspicion of an organized crime connection. Sarah is given the assignment because she has no children, no leverage. She discovers a large criminal organization run by well-connected people in high places. Big business means an abundance of resources and a ruthless desire to keep their operation a secret. Intimidation and punishment soon follow. Attempted murder, planting evidence. Just some of the tactic... [Read More...]