Free: The Warrior’s Bane

In desperation to save the girl, the villagers convince Alaezdar to attempt a rescue so dangerous that they will all most likely die. Before the ordeal is over, he will learn more about his role in an ancient elven prophecy where he is the catalyst to the realm’s destruction, and where his death is imminent if he is to turn the prophecy around. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Old Wounds trilogy

In the realm of Ragnekai, the High King dies leaving the land leaderless. Lords make their moves in the ensuing power struggle, and the winds begin to blow cruelly for captains and commoners alike. But all is not as it seems. As events unfold, it becomes clear that there is a greater design being executed. This trilogy gives the reader multiple points of view to witness this heart-wrenching fantasy. The reader will know more than any one character, but will be kept guessing as to what is still ... [Read More...]

Ordinary Girl

Jess is changing. Deep inside her, something is stirring – something far older than her, and colder, and unmoved by human feeling. When her darkest nightmares begin to spill over into her waking hours, Jess doesn’t know who to trust. At school, a group of boys is planning to humiliate her. At home, nobody is quite what they seem. Least of all herself. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Destiny

A creation and tool of war, orders to kill were all Eira ever knew. When a fateful mistake throws her in the path of a mysterious shapeshifting dragon, she takes an offer too hard to refuse—fight back and seize the freedom she long craves. But the darkness of her past runs deep, and the walls she created to protect herself may not be able to continue to save her… or her heart. ... [Read More...]

Free: Absence: Whispers and Shadow

In a superstitious world of ghosts and spirit demons, where the membrane between the living and the dead runs thin; Della hides in full view. She has a secret called Absence she doesn’t dare reveal; for to do so would risk being branded a witch. When an act of curiosity burdens her with shadow, she is thrust onto a dangerous path that will change her forever. Can she trust the boy whose dead sister haunts the lake? Or the uncompromising exorcist whose order she spent most of her life runn... [Read More...]

The Secrets of the Kings

“It was that crazy feeling of a person being able to do anything in a dream. Alex handled the blade as if she were born to it.” When twenty-four-year-old Alex Kincaid inherits a gold mask from a mysterious benefactor, her only question is why. The following day, she is the victim of a brutal assault. Are these events related? Could these happenings also be linked to the terrifying recurring nightmares haunting Alex every night? Alex soon finds, much to her shock, that she is now a Mask Bear... [Read More...]

When Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls

In the lands of Sedatis, magic isn’t as you’ve read in stories or fairy tales. Magic is a curse. Those who wield these powers, the Damned, are the loyal servants of Chaos. Their intent, their purpose, is for Chaos to claim the souls of this world. Whether you’re a King stuck in the ways of the past, a Prince and Princess who wish to forge their own path, a Lord who desires prosperity for his Kingdom and family, a hero of legend wielding a fabled weapon, a daughter who leaves home seeking ... [Read More...]