In Search of Justice

One is young, the other old. With gifted tongues, both are bold. One blood heals, the other slays. One blood kneels, the other pays. Both can speak with the mind. Both shall seek, both shall find. The Mid Dreki Realm is one of nine planes that burst into creation following the devastating destruction of Ragnark (a Divine Reckoning). Every plane has been twisted. Entire races disappeared; new creatures blinked into existence. And rumor has it the Norse Gods weren’t killed but are imprisoned in Asagard. A millennium ago, drekis, drakes, and dremmas, the flightless cousins of the winged beasts, vanished in a fiery blast brighter than the mid-day sun. The Goddesses of Destiny hint at another Divine Reckoning if the departed members of the Varanus genus ever return. Only the walking d’oglemenn remain in the Realm, and they’ve been ostracized by the other races.

The first book of the pentalogy follows the adventure of young Vidarr Allefar as he beings his quest in service to the God of Justice. The d’oglemann turned martial arts Warrior for Tyrrel must venture through the perilous wilds, overcome the bigotry of humans, and capture a murderer who is said to be aided by magic.

Will Vidarr survive the beasts and brigands of the Realm only to succumb to the hatred of humans? Can Vidarr capture the famed swordsman turned killer, or will his quest turn into tragedy? Not just for himself, but also his kin, and perhaps the Gods themselves. $2.99 on Kindle.
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