Free: (Un)changing Education

I’ve heard it a thousand times before. Somethings wrong with education. But how do you fix something when you don’t know what is broken in the first place? The world is changing rapidly, while public education is seemingly lagging behind in an era increasingly reliant on innovation. Students feel unprepared to face the everyday challenges of life where personal competences far outweigh the traditional benefits of a classical education. Schools largely seem content to stick to traditional va... [Read More...]

Free: Protecting TROY: Breaking the Chain of Child Abuse

David Vogel has been working to improve the lives of children through the Public Education System for nearly twenty years. He lives in southwest Florida with his wife and co-author, Melora Vogel. They have raised three children together and they have recently become grandparents to Jameson Troy Pitts. ... [Read More...]

Seven Easy Actions You Can Take to Protect the Environment: Guide to lowering your carbon footprint

After reading this guide (not book), you’ll agree that we all can protect the environment. The goal is to share an easy approach to this matter, by focusing on some basic common sense actions, that we can take right now, without dramatically changing our way of life. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: 523 Hard To Believe Facts

An educational and entertaining collection of unbelievable facts! Whether you’re interested in uncovering truths about animals, history, or popular culture, you’ll be sure to learn some fascinating trivia. Which was the first country to give citizenship to a robot? Is the dark side of the Moon always dark? What is the Sismo Detector? Discover the answers to these seemingly random questions and more! Also available as an audiobook!... [Read More...]

The Secret to the Secret

The reasons why the bestselling book “The Secret” has not led us to our dreams and what we can do to actually manifest what we want and want to be. This book is a critique of the well-known best seller, “The Secret.” as well as the genre of new age in general. The book identifies why “The Secret” did not give people the results they hoped for and also identifies what “it” is and how to get it. The book will answer many questions  regarding the subject as previous titles have ... [Read More...]

The Broken Pillars of Society: The Empowerment of Man

Throughout the journey of The Broken Pillars of Society: the empowerment of man, the Author, A.A. Pearson promises to empower you and human race. The author teaches the true significance behind being human, he further teaches the secrets of pursuing the path of enlightenment. As the reader progresses through the books content, they will learn of the real problems that the human race face within the 21st century. The finale of the book presents tangible solutions that would facilitate the idea o... [Read More...]

Free: The Labyrinth Key

Fifteen years ago, 8-year-old Ethan Jones watched a stranger bury something in the mining ruins of the Rhyolite Desert, Nevada. Even at his young age, he knew what he’d just seen was important. In present day, a US Navy SEAL takes refuge in a secret chamber beneath the ancient streets of Syria and discovers an unusual stone artifact, like nothing he’d ever seen before. When news of the discovery reaches Sam Reilly, he is forced to return to his past, where his search for the Master Builders... [Read More...]