Atlas of Men

Files from a secret research project show up on Dr. Robert Thames’s doorstep, forcing him to think about something he’s been avoiding – the degrading “study” at Danvers Academy, especially the naked photos of each student, including himself, taken at his prep school. He tracks down four close friends from school, and together they uncover the terrible truth of what was buried by the faculty, the school, and the boys themselves. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: When Gods Shower (When Gods Series Book 1)

Adaora, the most beautiful girl in Alaoma, is suddenly betrothed by her father to Ogbunigwe, the head-warrior that killed the twenty armed warriors who had ganged up on him in a battle, and also, the champion wrestler known to kill his wrestling opponents. Unwilling to lose her, Adaora’s secret lover, the prince of the land, and only heir to the throne, suddenly challenges Ogbunigwe to a fight to the death, for her hand in marriage. Certain that the fight would only result in the death of the... [Read More...]

He Never Forgot How To Love

Jake escapes his horrific captivity as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Cassie is a caregiver at the military hospital and nurses Jake back to health. Their love begins over a bowl of Jell-O and carries them back home to the Kansas farm. Everywhere life takes them, there are others with the same haunting dreams of war. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]