Places of Power: Origins, Box Set

Powers are determined by birth location, and only the rich have access to prized sites. SC is the first person born in space, in secret, a crime punishable by death. Every year, his growing powers make it more difficult to hide- and when his mother is kidnapped, SC has no choice but to act. $5.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Firebirds

Seven learning challenged children are put under a spell during read-aloud and held prisoners of school while brilliant avatars are sent home in their place. Living in futuristic luxury, the captive children know there is a problem greater than clones taking over their lives: they alone can save the world. Imagine Anne of Green Gables meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with a twist. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Liza Fury – The Discovery : (A Terrian Chronicles Novella)

Three notorious prisoners escape a maximum-security prison and make their way to the quiet Upper Ohio Valley… …The Elemental media remains silent, acting as though the breakout never occurred and silencing those who know otherwise My two newest friends also know the truth, given their connections to the legendary Sentinels. A fighting force infiltrated by a group of racketeers responsible for covering up the breakout. Not only are these prisoners more than capable of murder; so is the p... [Read More...]

Free: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

Thanks to her rare blood type, Aurora Sky is forced to hunt vampires for a government agency in Alaska while juggling school, dating, and secret missions. With the help of an undercover informant, an overzealous partner, and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Maddening, Aurora takes on the underworld and the deceitful man running the agency. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick Boxed Set

My name is Sara Slick, and I was an average teenager. I worked hard. Followed the rules. Took care of my family. But normal dissolved the night that The Far showed up to accuse my dad of heinous crimes. To protect loved ones, I took the blame and the sentence of ten lifetimes in The Deep. No human had ever been sent to this prison. They didn’t think I’d survive. They couldn’t have been more wrong. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Secrets of the Kings

No mask can hide the truth… Alex Kincaid is 24 years old and leads a relatively quiet life in a small college town. As an employee of Galen Industries, she spends her free time with her co-workers like Emma Bastian, who wants to constantly meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right? But Alex is too preoccupied with the odd letter she’s received – one that grants her a large inheritance from a total stranger, including a magical mask that’s going to change Alex’s ... [Read More...]

The Void Fae

Zai Tyren lives in the hidden Fae city of Crestfell, just outside of Orlando, Florida. He is a young senior doing what any other teenager is doing—looking forward to prom, graduation, and most notably, his eighteenth birthday. The day he’ll finally get his Fae signature, a small pictograph provided to all Fae to let them know which element they are most in tune with. What he certainly doesn’t expect, is to receive the mark of the Void Fae. The one no one wants. A demonic signature that wi... [Read More...]

Kidnapping Phoenixes and Other Ways to Die

All Francis wants is a simple, safe life. When the unborn ashes of the Phoenix ask for help, what’s a girl gonna do? Francis stole her urn from the mob and went on the run. And the mob aren’t the only ones looking for the Phoenix. Should she abandon the Phoenix and run, or stop these supernatural bullies and beasts from harnessing the Phoenix’s magic for evil. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Claire Beckett and the Transfer of Power

My new ability could get me killed. I’m Claire Beckett, the newest detective in Crescent City and I can see runes around dead bodies. Life would be perfect if I didn’t have to deal with the werewolf mayor and finding out that my mother lied to me about her ties to this place. Bodies are dropping throughout the city, similar to a group of cold cases I’ve found. But the more we keep digging, connections to both me and my partner amp up the need to find this killer and get him behind bars be... [Read More...]