The Hinaki

  If you enjoyed the movie Whale Rider you’ll enjoy this book. Set in a small Mãori community this story follows twelve-year-old Manaia as she navigates the trials and tribulations of life. The myriad of unique characters will touch your heart as each has an impact on this wonderfully magical wahine. Her journey is brought to life as her rich naivety will have you both laughing and crying. Explore the spirituality that is uniquely New Zealand and that quintessential Aroha that only... [Read More...]

Anthrax to Zodiac: A Snarky PI Delves into the Most Notorious Unsolved Mysteries of the Past 150 Years

BIOLOGICAL ATTACKS, KIDNAPPINGS, HIJACKINGS, HORRIFIC MURDERS THAT ROCKED THE NATION AND WERE NEVER SOLVED From A to Z, Huddle lays out the events and evidence and tests theories. As details of the crimes that have haunted America for over 100 years are revealed, the cases you thought you knew may not be so clear-cut after all. You be the judge. Who did it? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Always Ahead: 12 Striking Stories of Determination, Commitment, and Inspiration in Pursuit of Success and Freedom

Discover heartfelt, honest, and relatable tales that will help you turn your past into a future of happiness, success, and wealth. Are you tired of hearing about billionaires who work hard using generational wealth that was handed to them on a silver platter? Do you want to connect with genuine people from humble beginnings who prove that your start in life doesn’t determine your success? Are you looking for your sign to help you figure out what your next steps are, and how you can ensure... [Read More...]

Free: Broken Pieces: (and the fun things you can do with them)

Torn between family, a demanding husband, and emotional upheaval, can an aspiring young actress find the courage to embrace her passion and independence in the face of overwhelming obstacles? Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the youngest in a family of six children, Reedy Gibbs was tormented by her mentally disturbed eldest brother and learned to survive by staying out of the way and doing as she was told. After graduating high school, she moved to Chicago to pursue her dream of becoming an actres... [Read More...]

Free: Stories for My Children: The Pursuit of Justice, Adventure, and a Family’s Search for Place

Comical short stories of sometimes near death outdoor adventures, army basic training, defense of the constitutional right to nude dancing, a cursed string of World Series calamities and more. Stuart and Lisa are married criminal defense attorneys struggling to balance family life with three kids with the rights of their clients. After a stressful death penalty murder trial, the family moves to Alaska in search of a better life. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Memoirs of a Wayward Traveller

The memoirs recount the lifetime journey and factual stories of a veteran British expat who has worked in or travelled to every continent in the world since the 1960’s to recent times. The central character relives his early travels through western Europe as it was with its history and culture and later to the balmy shores of Australia and South Africa and onwards to the Middle East and beyond. The historical wonders of cities such as Rome and Athens, Beijing and Istanbul are described in... [Read More...]