Four is a gritty, gruesome, intoxicating and thriller book of twin boys whose world is disrupted by their government who is forcing them to fight for the value of their lives. The boys have trained in a camp with other children their ages and above, they learn the ins and outs of the competition and is motivated by dear ones to win the game and save their country from hardship. $9.00 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

False Fathers (Waxwood Series: Book 1)

Sometimes no father is better than a false father. In 1898 California, Jake Alderdice comes of age as a shy and contemplative youth who is passionate about art. On vacation in Waxwood, now a fashionable resort town, he meets Harland Stevens, who takes an interest in the young man’s artistic ambitions. Stevens seizes upon the fatherless young man to counsel him toward a path to manhood inspired by Teddy Roosevelt and Thoreau. He introduces Jake to The Order of Actaeon, a secret society bui... [Read More...]

Free: New Orleans Lynchings: A Frank Vito Bounty Hunter Series (Historical Western Thriller) Book 4

Bounty hunters Frank Vito and Ellie Stockwell are on the trail of Bloody Bob Anderson, a dark and endlessly violent case that will lead them straight to winding streets of New Orleans. New Orleans Lynchings in the fourth installment in the bestselling Frank Vito Bounty Hunter Series. ... [Read More...]

The Falconer’s Apprentice

The Falconer’s Apprentice tells the tale of an adventuresome 15-year old orphan, who embarks on a precipitous flight across Europe to rescue the falcon Adela. A crotchety falconer, a secretive trader and his feisty daughter, a mysterious hermit, a young king in prison, an aging emperor, and an irascible Arab physician are among the principal characters in this action/adventure novel, set in the 13th century. Written for readers age twelve and above, this coming-of-age story conveys life in me... [Read More...]

La Viña De Dios (The Godvine)

Valentina Del Viento has the gifts of the wind and foreshadowing. Having used The Divine Liquid, she travels over 100 years to find the man of whom she sees in her visions. The man she’s destined to be with. Time, religion, love, culture, evil and even the paranormal all collide in this fascinating, epic tale of Magical Realism set in the enchanting, magical land that is Northern New Mexico. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Those Who Dare

This is the first book in the epic WWII Raiding Forces Series. Meticulously researched (the author was an instructor at the Army Ranger School) the series begins with the birth of special operations—as seen through the eyes of a young American officer who has volunteered to serve with British Forces. May 1940, 10th Panzer Division has decimated France and is driving on Calais a short distance from Dunkirk. Lieutenant John Randal, a veteran of the US 26th Cavalry Regiment volunteers to serve w... [Read More...]