Rose and Thorn: Possession of The King

Betrothed to the future king that enslaved her father, Ressa Gabriella Rose must play her part perfectly to save her father’s life. Twenty-year-old Ressa Gabriella Rose infiltrates the castle, impersonates one of the prince’s mistresses, and finds herself betrothed to the future king; all in an effort to save her father. Her father’s wrongful accusation of conspiring to commit treason cost him his freed, his life, and possibly his daughter. And that future king she’s betrothed to? That ... [Read More...]

The Lion and the Leopard (The Knights of England Series, Book 1)

Lady Maria Rendell is torn between two men: a loving but absent husband and the illegitimate half-brother of Edward II. When civil war breaks out against the feckless Edward, Maria must pay the price for her scandalous affair with his half-brother. Personal love, duty, and loyalty collide with larger events—ending in the deposition and death of one of England’s most unfortunate kings and Maria’s own private reckoning. ... [Read More...]

Free: Gage (RIdge), Cupids & Cowboys Book 7

An old-fashioned marshal who yearns to be a bounty hunter… A modern woman who wears bloomers and writes dime novels… An orphaned little girl willing to play cupid to gain a new mama and papa… Can the three form a new family, or will the villain who killed little Bibi’s parents manage to kill her too? ... [Read More...]

Earl of Keyworth

Their aversion was instant and mutual. Or so it would seem… Celestia Tolman will never forgive Landry, Earl of Keyworth, for trying to ruin her father’s livelihood. She will, however, teach the arrogant lord a lesson he won’t soon forget. The task should be simple—if she can ignore her untimely and entirely unwanted attraction to the handsome devil, that is… Landry has no patience for liars and cheaters, and he suspects the delectable Celestia is both. He has no intention of letting h... [Read More...]

Blood of the Rook

Magic, myth, true love, and murder turn Regency London into a city of passion and high fantasy. Sebastian, the Earl of Redsayle returns to London after a seven year absence. He returns as an assassin and spy known as Rook and he is deep undercover. He wants nothing more than to win back the love of the woman he once asked to be his wife but, secrets and lies can either bind them together, or tear them apart forever. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]