Free: Saving Taylor

She is a woman on the run… Taylor Allen is an eyewitness to a double murder. Raised in the church, she sang for the Lord to raise money for the community. Taylor’s voice is a magnet that draws in crowds but not even her talent can save her from a murderer. After a brutal attack she jumps on a train and runs for her life. He’s taken hostage by a desperate young woman… John Fielding Jr. is on the way home from a business trip. How did a beautiful killer end up in his private sleeping car ... [Read More...]

A Heart Unbound

When the abandoned colony of Roanoke is near starvation, they are invited to live among the native Croatan. Ompeu seeks vengeance for what the English have done to his family, but when they come to live among his people, he is drawn to the widow Elizabeth. Each of them guard their wounded hearts, but neither can deny their attraction for long. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Mountain Man’s Mail-Order Surprise

Garrett Harding, an orphan raised by the Chippewa Indian tribe, wants a wife and finds one in Katy Jones, a desperate widow fleeing a disease-ridden town. Katy travels to meet Garrett, but must keep a life-changing secret from him until after their wedding, as she fears that if he learns the truth, he may reject her. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

La Famiglia: The Black Sheep: Gabriel’s Story

Chicago, 1925. She’s not looking for trouble. His middle-name is trouble. They both got more than they bargained for. Charity O’Malley is about to break the law of the land to follow her dreams. She’ll be called a whisper sister, a tarnished woman. Jezebel. But Charity is a woman who wants to shape her own destiny. So, just as she’s about to reopen her father’s speakeasy, Big Mike O’Malley reaches out from the grave to save his recalcitrant daughter from her folly. Gabriel Cavelli, ... [Read More...]

Meeting Destiny

A Sailor Embarks On A New Adventure, And A Wealthy Girl Longs To Do The Same… Georgiana is not the damsel in distress that society would make her. By any means, she will pave her own future. Yet, is all that for the best when she is threatened with losing her precious horse, Xavier? Meanwhile, Seth discovers a fork in the road that could majorly change his life. Instead of taking the future into his own hands, will he entrust his destiny to God? Somehow their paths cross, yet it may not be en... [Read More...]

I Kissed an Earl (and I Liked It)

Lady Marie O’Shea is a troublemaker, and everyone knows it. So when she meets Lord Christian Darrow, the prodigal son of her noble neighbor who has just returned home, sparks inevitably fly. But when tragedy strikes Christian, Marie might be the only person who can help him rise up to be the man he is destined to be. If their families will let her. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]