Free: A Mackenzie Witch Collection 2: Jingle Purrs, Potion Heist and The Power of Two and a Half

Paranormal mystery with humor, magic, a witch in training, her chatty feline companion and their new companion, Rebel. Jingle Purrs: It’s Lexie and Luna’s first Christmas together and they are investigating the case of a missing cat. Potion Heist: There’s a breakout of infidelity and people are falling for the wrong types with disastrous consequences…The Power of Two and a Half: Lexie and Luna return from exile and face one hundred O’Rourke detectives. ... [Read More...]

Free: Banks Blackhorse Book 1 – 2: The Night the Sky Fell and The Day the Sky Shattered

Welcome to modern-day Alaska. A young ambitious man wants the very best in life. After he makes a pact with the Great Spirit, he places his entire town in jeopardy unless he is able to quash the Spirit’s wrath. With the help of his animal guide, a young blind boy, and messages from the dead, he begins his reluctant journey to right his wrong. ... [Read More...]

Streaming Sarah

Elaborately plotted and addictive paranormal detective novel. An edge of your seat, thought-provoking, psychological thriller with a fantastic blend of detective mystery and a parallel world. A must-read for fans of Fringe and Ghost Whisperer. On her wedding day, homicide detective Katie Hanson attempts suicide. Her failed suicide causes her to slip into a coma. For days she observes a different life unfold. A world in which her identical twin brother and mom were still alive. When she wakes fr... [Read More...]

Druid Mystic

After defeating a psychotic demigod, Colin wants nothing more than to retreat to his beloved junkyard in peace. Unfortunately, the Celtic gods are bringing the fight to Colin’s doorstep–whether he likes it, or not. Now Austin’s fae queen has banished Colin from her demesne, forcing him into hiding. To complicate matters, he’s also tasked with hunting an ancient vampire that’s terrorizing the people of New Orleans. Can Colin evade the Tuatha Dé Danann, all while bringing a dangero... [Read More...]

Dog!: You’ll Never Look At Your Dog the Same Way Again

Bazza is an easy-going middle-aged college lecturer. When he adopts a rescue dog, he sees nothing odd about the animal. Then a Himalayan monk comes to visit, and senses something strange. Dog is a powerful story of love and loss, sin, redemption and dog mess. You’ll never see your pet the same way again. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Audrey – Just A Girl

In school, alone. Drawing an image of a shadowy man repeatedly. Audrey is an outcast and her mother wants to help. Seeking her daughter’s estranged father leads to a discovery. A solution is revealed in Audrey’s half-brother Jaden, but Laura’s little girl is changing in disturbing ways and she fears for her life because Audrey… isn’t just a girl. ... [Read More...]

School of Rebirth and Reincarnation

Who do you want to be in your next life? Follow Noah’s dead soul through the School of Rebirth and Reincarnation as he attends occult classes, haunts the living, and learns how to live again. All who enter the school must learn from their previous lives to guide who they will become. Fans of the supernatural, the surreal, and the macabre will love the terrifying mysteries waiting for them on the other side. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Kes Adler just wants her old life back—the one she had before her father walked out. The night she accepts a ride from the mysterious Sol Kyrion, Kes learns that there’s another world out there.  A world of magic—and danger. Now she’ll have to embrace her new powers…or be hunted down by those who have marked her for death. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]