Free: Lessons From Philippians: The Christian Struggle for Authenticity and Joy

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is rich with wisdom and direction for our time. We learn so much in its few pages about the purpose of Christian suffering. We see God’s hand pulling all the levers and strings behind the scenes, sovereignly directing all that befalls His people. And we see the glorious results as the gospel is more widely preached. Paul writes the epistle from prison in Rome, while he waits to see if he will be executed or set free. We see in the letter many of the real-lif... [Read More...]

Sink or Walk on Water: Dealing With Adversity While Walking In Your Purpose

Life has taught me lessons and through these lessons, I have gained many life experiences. This inspired me to write a book about adversities I have faced and how my faith has helped me get through some very tough times. I often keep my feelings and thoughts to myself. However, I found writing this book as a way to give voice to my inner most thoughts. It is my hope that this book, my experiences, and my voice motivates someone to see past their adversities and focus on Jesus Christ. ... [Read More...]

Free: A Gate Called Beautiful: How God Transforms Your Pain into Power

Do you believe God can take what hurt and embarrassed you and use it for your good? I did not, until I was arrested for a crime I did not commit – a crime punishable up to 15 years in prison. My world was turned upside down and I had lost the will to live, but the things that were meant to harm me, God meant it for good. Through my hardships, I witnessed God work in my life like never before! A Gate Called Beautiful: How God Transforms Your Pain Into Power is a deeply personal and honest memo... [Read More...]

Young Christian Prayers: A Child’s Thank You

Modern prayers for your children, praying for mom & dad, their brothers and sisters, their friends, and teachers. Prayers for climate change and the environment nurture your child’s growth and knowledge of contemporary modern issues, such as our shared planet. Read alone or read along with your children. A make me feel good read. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Start Your Day with God: Christian Morning Devotional

Are you ready to start your day with God? This inspiring morning devotional will help you become more aware of God’s presence, favor, and love. Meditating and applying God’s Word is made easy and enjoyable with exciting and insightful teachings, exercises, and real-life stories. Each life-changing promise quickly becomes a daily reality as it is declared in faith and put into practice. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart: How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor

Do you want to help people in need but don’t know where to start? Many Christians want to better live out the teachings of Jesus and care more for the poor, but struggle with how to do that. 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart will teach you how to better love and support those in need. You’ll discover: – How to cultivate the seven attitudes that will transform your view of underprivileged people – A powerful framework for serving God that will motivate you even when you don’t fe... [Read More...]

Escape from the Land of If Only

No one walks through life without tragedies, trials, and traumas. But, if we know and obey God and believe his promises, he will bind up our emotional and spiritual wounds. It doesn’t matter whether they are mere scratches or hemorrhaging gashes. God can and will heal us because he has promised to give his children “everything they need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3-4). That includes healing the wounds of the past and giving grace to face the future unafraid. This book provides tim... [Read More...]

The Return of the Glory Story

Knowing your individual purpose is a lofty goal. Nevertheless, the human heart longs to go even deeper! There’s a realm of complete absorption into a supreme, all-encompassing Purpose: One from which our individual purposes draw their meaning—One that never ends in its unfolding wonder. This is an invitation to explore more of that grand purpose that involves everything and you. Prepare to have your heart enthralled by the treasures excavated in this book. Discover the Purpose of your purpo... [Read More...]

Spiritual Courage: How to Find Strength and Happiness

Do you work hard at your faith, but find little joy in it? Do you find yourself thinking that this just isn’t working the way it should? Where are the peace and joy? The problem is real, but there is a solution. By purposefully practicing the spiritual disciplines in new, practical ways, we can make real changes in our lives. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Wounded No More!: An Individualized Plan to Heal Church Wounds

God sees, God knows, and God cares about the wounds that many have suffered in the church. The path that leads away from the church house door has been filled with the tears of those who have suffered- often in silence. This book offers individualized hope and healing while also taking an honest look at what is going wrong in our churches. Included are practical actions steps and worksheets to guide the reader in their healing process. God longs to restore his people back to Himself and back in... [Read More...]