Free Promotion Sites

Looking for the best sites that offer free book promotions? There are dozens of sites dedicated to helping readers find new books to read. Some of the best sites for paid book promotions include Bookbub and JustKindleBooks. But if you have more time than money, you might want to use book promotion sites that offer no cost promotions. Here’s our giant list free book promotion sites. Submitting your book to the these sites takes time, and many don’t guarantee that they will select your book. But if you have the time it might help jumpstart your ebook sales, reviews, and fan base without having to pay a cent!

Best Free Book Promotion Sites

Here are the top 30 sites that accept free book promotion submissions:


AllAuthor offers a free book promotion for books of all types, and they will share your book on their website, Twitter, and occasionally Facebook. Additionally, you can use their handy Book Teaser tool to create an effective marketing image within just a few minutes.

Armadillo eBooks

This site provides free book promotions for all book genres. There’s also a $20 option where they will share your free or bargain-priced book on 15 different sites.

Authors Den

Authors Den offer a free book review program. The site claims to be “the world’s most vibrant online literary community” and it allows authors to interact with readers, authors and bloggers, in online forums.

Awesome Gang

This is where “awesome book readers meet awesome writers.” Awesome Gang offers a free book promotion and their very own free author interview option. They accept all book genres.

Book Angel

If your book is listed on the Amazon UK site (not just, costs £1 or less, and doesn’t have explicit content, you can submit your title for a free promotional run here.

Book Bongo

Book Bongo offers 7 different promotional packages ranging from free to $149.99. The free option, if the site editors like your book, will get your title featured on Twitter, and if they love your book they will share on the Facebook page and the Book Bongo website.


BookBrag will tweet your book out to it’s 10,000 twitter followers. Given that a tweet may reach 1% to 2% of followers, this is a small favor. To get this you’ll need to follow BookBrag on Twitter, fill out the application form, and see your message go live in just a few days! One tweet per author, per month.

Book Circle

The basic promo on Book Circle will list your free or discounted Kindle book on their homepage. However, no explicit content is allowed, and only 5 titles are chosen to be featured each day, so there’s no guarantee that yours will be selected.

Book Praiser

Featuring books in genres ranging from action/adventure to YA novels, Book Praiser offers a few different free ways to promote your free or discounted book. If your book is priced at free, you can submit it for an free editorial review, if your book is discounted you submit it for a bargain book editorial submission or you can list your book in the site’s database at no cost.

Content Mo

If your book is priced at free, then you can use Content Mo’s free book promotion to get it featured in a blog post, which will also be shared on the site’s Twitter and Facebook pages each day of the promotion.

Digital Book Today

Authors of all genres can submit their free or permafree book on this site to be featured on Digital Book Today’s Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books list, which is updated every day.

Discount Book Man

This site accepts books of all genres to feature on their site. They offer a free promotion and a $15 optional upgrade which will get your book listed on the site’s front page for 7 days and a featured section in the newsletter.

eBooks Habit

eBooks Habit doesn’t accept any books with graphic sexual content or erotica, and all books must have at least 5 reviews prior to applying. The free promotion plan gets you 4 tweets on their Twitter account with 485,000 followers. What’s the catch? Not all free submissions are accepted. You book must be chosen.

eReader IQ

Simply add your ASIN or Amazon URL for your book here to be automatically added into the site’s database. While this may not necessarily get your title featured in a prominent spot on the website, eReader IQ also has a few other promotional offers for free books.

eReader Love

If your book is currently available for free, you can fill out this brief submission form to request a promotion on the site.

Frugal Freebies

All free books are accepted here and added to the site’s blog as well as it’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. However, the blog owner does say that the books they accept are up to their own discretion.


If you’re not already on Goodreads, the first thing you should do is claim your free author profile on the website. While this is not a promotion, per se, setting up a profile gives you and your book visibility. The Goodreads Author Program makes it easy for authors to interact with readers, promote their content, and share what they’re reading, too.

Indie Book Lounge

Indie Book Lounge features books by more than 2,200 Independent authors and publishers. To get your book featured, you will need to create an author account on this site and then add your title to the free book listing page by changing the settings under the “My Account” menu.

Indie Book of the Day

If you’re a self-published or indie author and your book is listed between $0.99 and $9.99, you can submit your book for the IBD nomination. There is no payment at the end of this form, so we assume that it’s free, but that’s not explicitly stated. The selection criteria is a bit lengthier than other sites, but if you have more than 5 reviews and a consistent online presence on at least one social media platform, you’ll likely meet the requirements.

Indies Today

Simply submit your book title at least 24 hours before your book will be listed at $1 or less to be featured at no cost on the website and in the Indies Today newsletter. This site features all genres except for erotica.

Indies Unlimited

Named as one of the top 6 best blogs for authors in Publishers Weekly, Indies Unlimited makes it easy (and free) for authors to promote their free or bargain books with their “Thrifty Thursday” promotion.


This unique site is a reader-powered book publishing option for writers of all kinds. Authors can get immediate feedback on their work from avid readers who will help boost their title to success. They don’t exactly offer a free promotion, but you can list your published book on their site.

It’s Write Now

If your book is selected for the free promotion option, it will be featured on the front page of the site for up to 3 days and included in the daily newsletter. The book must be priced at $3 or less, be available on Kindle or Audible, and have a “family-friendly” cover.

Pretty Hot

This website offers free promotions (as well as a $25 featured listing option) for writers of all genres, from adventure novels to memoirs to young adult reads.

Reading Deals

Authors can submit their free or low-priced book for the chance of being promoted to an audience of over 36,000 readers at no cost. For a small fee of $29, authors can get a guaranteed promotion for even more exposure on social media and other sites.

Readers in the Know

This site offers authors a free 60-day trial to add your book to it’s database and try the various paid ads, tracking tools and it’s author dashboard. After 60 days, if you believe it’s a worthwhile investment, you’ll have to pay an annual rate of about $26 to continue using its services.

This is Writing

Unlike other sites that strictly promote books or novels, this site will publish your unpublished poetry, short story, critical essay, novel excerpt, and other submissions. You submit your writing email. You can read through the criteria here to learn what to include in your email request.

Wanton Reads

Best suited for romance authors, Wanton Reads will feature your book on their site and happily link curious readers to your Amazon page, as well as any other social media pages you’d like people to check out. See their no cost promotion here.

Why Run A Book Promotion?

So, now that you know where to submit your book promotion for free, you might want to know the specific benefits of running a book promotion. There are 4 main reasons to run a promotion, and they are:

Increase your book sales: A promotion helps your reach a large audience of avid readers. Once your book is front of readers, most of them will not buy it, but those who are really interested in your book (or as we like to, say seduced by your book cover and description) may go on to buy it. Set your expectations low, if this is your first go round with a free book promotions.

Gain More Reviews: How does a book promotion lead to more reviews? It’s simple. Statistically speaking 1 out of every so many people who buy a book will review it. On Amazon that number is roughly 1 out of 100 for paid books and 1 out of 400 for books that are free. The more books your sell or giveaway, the more reviews you get. The more positive reviews you get the better your Amazon detail page with convert a visitor into a buyer.

Get more followers: With a book promotion, whether readers buy your book or not, they might decide to follow you on Amazon or Goodreads. They might also sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media.

Future book sales: As an author, the more you create awareness of your books and the more build your fan base now, the more readers and book sales you’ll have for your future books.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of pricing your book at “free” see the article: Why Price You Kindle Book for Free.

Other Ways to Promote Your Free Book

Free book promotion sites can certainly help to increase your book downloads, but be sure to keep up your own promotional efforts. Those might include:

  • posting about your book on your website, blog, or social media channels.
  • running book giveaways on Facebook or with Amazon Giveaways.
  • emailing your fan base
  • doing readings and author interviews
  • creating witty or fun Youtube videos
  • paying to advertise on Facebook or Amazon Advertising

Self-promotion is, well, self-promotion. Not everyone likes doing it, but persistence can payoff. Good luck!