Free Promotion Sites

Looking for the best sites that offer free book promotions? There dozens of sites dedicated to helping readers find new books to read, and many of these will promote your book at no cost to you. By submitting your book to the following free promotion sites, you can help to jumpstart your ebook sales, reviews, and fan base without having to pay a cent!

Best Free Book Promotion Sites

Here are more than 50 sites that accept free book promotion submissions:


Armadillo eBooks

Authors Den

Author Marketing Club

Awesome Gang

Bargain Booksy

Book Angel

Book Bongo


Book Cave

Book Circle

Book Doggy

Book Ninjas

Book Praiser

Book Raid

Choosy Bookworm

Content Mo

Daily Bookworm

Digital Book Today

Discount Book Man


eBooks Habit

eBook Lister

eBook Stage

eBook Universe

eReader Cafe

eReader Girl

eReader IQ

eReader Love

Free and Discounted Books

Free Book Club

Free Books and More

Free Booksy

Frugal Freebies


Indie Author News

Indie Book Lounge

Indie Book of the Day

Indies Today

Indies Unlimited


It’s Write Now


Kindle Book Promos

Library Thing

Lovely Book Promotions

New Free Kindle Books

One Hundred Free Books

Pretty Hot

Reading Deals

Read Freely

Readers in the Know

This is Writing

The Fussy Librarian

Topless Cowboy

Wanton Reads

Zwoodle Books

Why Run A Book Promotion?

So, now that you know where to submit your book promotion for free, you might want to know the specific benefits of running a book promotion. There are 4 main reasons to run a promotion, and they are:

Increase your book sales: A promotion helps your reach a large audience of avid readers. Once your book is front of readers, most of them will not buy it, but those who are really interested in your book (or as we like to, say seduced by your book cover and description) may go on to buy it. Set your expectations low, if this is your first go round with a free book promotions.

Gain More Reviews: How does a book promotion lead to more reviews? It’s simple. Statistically speaking 1 out of every so many people who buy a book will review it. On Amazon that number is roughly 1 out of 100 for paid books and 1 out of 400 for books that are free. The more books your sell or giveaway, the more reviews you get. The more positive reviews you get the better your Amazon detail page with convert a visitor into a buyer.

Get more followers: With a book promotion, whether readers buy your book or not, they might decide to follow you on Amazon or Goodreads. They might also sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media.

Future book sales: As an author, the more you create awareness of your books and the more build your fan base now, the more readers and book sales you’ll have for your future books.

If you’d like to read more about the benefits of pricing your book at “free” see the article: Why Price You Kindle Book for Free.

Other Ways to Promote Your Free Book

Free book promotion sites can certainly help to increase your book downloads, but be sure to keep up your own promotional efforts. Those might include:

  • posting about your book on your website, blog, or social media channels.
  • running book giveaways on Facebook or with Amazon Giveaways.
  • emailing your fan base
  • doing readings and author interviews
  • creating witty or fun Youtube videos
  • paying to advertise on Facebook or Amazon Advertising

Self-promotion is, well, self-promotion. Not everyone likes doing it, but persistence can payoff. Good luck!