Free: Unveiling the Mask: The Beginning of a Lifelong Journey Toward Faith and Acceptance

Many people find that wearing a mask to protect who they really are is very beneficial to them and others. People will hide who they truly are because they are afraid and haven’t come to terms that it is okay to be you. Life experiences are put into place for each one of you to overcome throughout this journey, which will help you grow even more. Unveiling the Mask is part of a series of events that will lead you to understand who you are as a person. You will become a master at deceit in oth... [Read More...]

Back To Life: 30 Days With Jesus

Have you struggled with understanding the Bible? Do the concepts conveyed seem complicated? Pastor Joseph will guide you on a journey with Jesus in this devotional. You will see how Jesus lived and learn the principles he taught. Relating the life of Jesus to our lives will provide you with an opportunity to engage with the Bible in a new and profound way. The Bible is God’s revealed will. Shouldn’t you be familiar with it? Now is the time to unleash God’s Word into your life.... [Read More...]

Daily Devotional with Prayers to Crush Anxiety & Depression in 40 Days: A New Guide Book to Discovering Peace & Hope in Just 7 Minutes a Day for Women & Men

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by anxiety & depression? Are you exhausted by the relentless grip of nagging worries & negative thoughts? The solution is here! Discover the keys to unlocking peace & hope in just 7 minutes a day with this revolutionary Bible based daily devotional. Daniel Ufaruna, Pastor & Biblical Counselor of over 25 years brings you unrivaled help to crush anxiety & depression. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger: A Memoir

When Peter Young married Paige, the love of his life, he unwittingly entered a whole new world, one dominated by her bizarre Uncle Robert. While trying to remain close to Paige and thus save his marriage, Peter was sucked into the tiny cult of Uncle Robert’s where casinos are churches and Jews conspire to rule the world. But you never know you are in a cult, you only know you were in one. So for nearly twenty years Peter allowed himself to be slowly brainwashed, missing the obvious signs ... [Read More...]

The Tea Witchcraft Grimoire

The Tea Witchcraft Grimoire is the ultimate guide to the life-changing power of tea magic. With over 120 tea spells for healing, love, and prosperity! Learn about the 7 types of base teas and their magical properties, the art of reading tea leaves (with step-by-step instructions), how to use tea witchcraft for self-care, and so much more! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Little Book of Self-Enquiry: Ancient Keys for a Modern Age

This little book can be read in just a few hours while also providing enough depth to get you thinking deeply about aspects of the personal journey that you may not have considered before. It will give you the opportunity to look more closely at your life journey, how and why it differs from others’ and how you can become increasingly more on track – aligned – with where you are heading. $7.15 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Church Hurt: Holding the Church Accountable and Helping Hurt People Heal

In this book, you’ll learn how to understand the reasons behind church hurt for members and pastors, identify the key aspects of church hurt, recognize and address spiritual abuse, clarify the role of pastors and the role of church members, determine healthy expectations of yourself and others, pursue healing and forgiveness for yourself and in relevant relationships, and reconstruct faith after church hurt and deconstruction. Included are workbook sections that help the reader delve into the... [Read More...]

Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work

As long as you have the desire to make a shift, know that this is the point where you are seeking a new way of living and loving yourself. Tap into your inner wisdom by listening to your whispers, recognizing the energy that depletes you, and working on releasing your stories, which will lead you to a higher level of energy. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Beginners Guide to Oracle Channeling

“This book reads like a warm hug. It makes you feel so good about yourself and the great adventures that await you, as you learn and grow from it.” —Reader Review BAHLON: an ancient and wise high-vibration Entity from the Causal Plane channeled by Master Trance Channel Kai Clay. Beginners Guide to Oracle Channeling is a remarkable true story of Clay’s life journey of transcendence from successful New York business exec to world-renowned trance channel and trusted confidant of spiritual ... [Read More...]