Free: Evil Within: The Apocalypse

Evil Within: The Apocalypse tells the story of the biblical end to this universe. Our end is not what most of us have learned by the masses. I take the reader on a journey discovering it is not God who actually pulls the destruct lever but it is his self-destruct code based on an ‘if we do this, then the system’s response will be that’ just like our computers are coded today. I offer a timeline with the United States leading the globe in her destruction based on biblical texts. Our poor c... [Read More...]

Whole Heart

She will never forget the night of July 17, the night that changed her life forever. This is a story of a South African girl searching for emotional healing, wholeness, and purpose. Her experiences mark a journey through loss, pain, and uncertainty, and ultimately, her perseverance to strive against all odds on her quest for self-discovery. This is a story that reminds us never to stop believing even the most seemingly impossible dreams. For it is our dreams and aspirations that give us the cou... [Read More...]

Free: Leadership In The River: Obeying God In Our Leadership

In God we trust? It is a pertinent question answered by this book, for trust comes from believing something, and belief is another word for faith. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, so the purpose of this book is twofold: 1. To equip ministers to better understand the often brutal law of the jungle that the business world has become and to see Jesus as King of the Jungle, a mighty warrior who fights for our families, our businesses, and our churches. 2. T... [Read More...]

Awaken to Ascension: Mastering Oneness and Knowing Yourself as Source

Stuck in your spiritual development? Ready to expand divine awareness? Spiritual coach and healer with twenty-two years of experience, Marsha Hankins shows you how to escape the illusion of duality and find true freedom in this inspiring and powerful guide to Ascension. Strengthen your connection to Source and experience the joy of oneness. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters Came During a Vision in 2001

In 2001 a man recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. The vision-text, which has as its principal symbol the crucifix of Jesus Christ, turned out to be the Contemporary Revelation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Angelic Realm

Are you seeking comfort, healing, hope, joy and inspiration? Are you interested in the afterlife? The true stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening as I take you into the realm (heaven) with my visits, spiritual encounters, and the messages that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. Engulf yourself into ‘The Angelic Realm’ for a peaceful mystifying read! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Eden: Biblical Fiction of the World’s First Family (The Fall of Man Series Book 1)

“You want me to tell of how I broke the world.” It’s the year 641 since the beginning of everything, and when Eve passes away, she leaves Adam the only man on earth who remembers everything since they walked in Eden. When Enoch, God’s newly appointed prophet, decides to collect the stories of the faithful from previous generations, he finds Adam in desperate need to confess the dark secrets he’s held onto for too long. Beside a slowly burning bonfire in the dead of ... [Read More...]

Free: Calm Instead of Clamor

If you want to lower your stress and increase your joy, then you will love Traveler’s latest book: Calm Instead of Clamor is like having a comforting Christian counselor in your home showing you easy, clinically proven steps to lower the fever of fear in your heart. Whether your fear is rooted in the present pandemic, the climate, the economy, family problems, past trauma, or spiritual despair, this book will show you a path, clear and simple, to get your anxiety under control. Her book expla... [Read More...]