Complete Fiction: Fake Children’s Stories, Fables, and Fairy Tales

Mother Goose wrote tales and nursery rhymes which captivated generation after generation. Her stories still flourish today. The first edition of these tales was published at the end of the 17th century. Three hundred years later, her son Brother Goose began coming up with his own bullsh*t, which has been compiled into this book. Complete Fiction is a total farce. Its a wonderful collection of stories that some of the whole family can enjoy! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lion of Judah Legacy: Veteran Superhero Dark Comedy Romance

Based off the critically acclaimed multi-award winning motion picture of the same name. . . In this heartwarming and captivating epic, we embark on a transformative journey alongside Marly, an emotionally unavailable disabled veteran. Plagued by the weight of unresolved paternal issues, Marly receives a profound revelation from a divine being: his estranged mother is gravely ill in her homeland of Jamaica. Determined to uncover his ancestral roots and confront his own inner demons, Marly sets o... [Read More...]

Surfs Up in the City of Angels

Doctor Richard Schmidt forms a “Generic Therapy Group”. All the good Doctor hopes to do is tip the scales of hate and chaos toward the side of love, mercy and forgiveness. When these characters meet, angels and devils are difficult to tell apart. With each comes a collection of friends, family and plots that confirm California is indeed the fated “Land of Fruits and Nuts”. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition (The World’s First Sub-Atomic Comic)

Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition (available in Kindle and paperback formats) is the imagining of a relationship but between two perfectly paired particles: Atom, an atom, and Molly, a molecule. Across 95 panels, discover the humor, science, and culture involved in their personalities and careers, and meet the other sub-atomic characters in their microscopic world. As described by the tagline The World’s First Sub-Atomic Comic, Atom & Molly is the first comic that uses sub-atomi... [Read More...]

How To Irritate a Telemarketer

Have you ever had the experience of having the most perfect date interrupted by some bone head trying to raise money for a bogus charity? Do you feel like that most of the unscrupulous telemarketing firms lack common sense when they choose to call you during the final playoff game? Wouldn’t you like to call up a telemarketer who just woke you up on their personal home phone line and give them a wake-up call that they’ll never forget? Can you imagine learning some new innovative and o... [Read More...]

Send In The Tort Lawyer$

Prepare to laugh until you cry as fearless tort lawyers Pap and Pup navigate uproarious lawsuits that are endemic of our time. Patrick A. Peters (“Pap”) and his twin brother Prescott U. Peters (“Pup”), the fearless tort lawyers whose zany exploits delighted readers of Tort$ “R” Us and Please Pass The Tort$, return with yet another round of legal mayhem guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry. Their latest antics include a lawsuit on behalf of consumers who... [Read More...]

The Princess and the Plumber in Beast to Beauty

Tundra has a problem. As a princess, she is under pressure from her parents, the King and Queen of Parking-Lot, to wed. Unfortunately, she happens to be the largest and ugliest girl in the land. She meets Olaf, a huge oaf, who becomes her friend. Her father, out of desperation, enlists the help of his mediocre magician to come up with a solution. A beauty potion fails miserably putting Tundra in a deep sleep, like Sleeping Beauty, except with none of the beauty. Each day she wastes away while t... [Read More...]