The Elementary Bugler: Learning to play Bb Trumpet before you need to use the valves

Learn the foundational elements of Trumpet playing while not being concerned with learning how to use the valves. In The Elementary Bugler you will find a bunch of limited-range bugle calls, all composed by the author, that are not technically challenging to play, fun and, most importantly, accessible for the beginning Trumpet player. When he was a volunteer Bugler with Bugles Across America playing Taps at Military Funerals, he asked himself, “How could the playing of Bugle Calls help my... [Read More...]

Building Your Forever Family : How God Changes Lives Through Adoption and Fostering

Are you looking into the possibility of adopting or fostering a child, but you”re not sure if it’s the right decision, how it works, what the adoption process is really like, or what you can expect? In this book, author Danise Rapetti takes you through her family’s journey from fostering to adoption. She shares the good, the bad, and everything in between. $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression and looking to improve your mental health? It is time to make peace with anxiety! Emotions are an essential part of being human—anxiety included. Anxiety appears when the mind determines it is necessary to handle certain moments, situations, or at the perceived appropriate time. However, if anxiety manifests as excessive worrying leading to unreasonable fear, unhealthy behaviors, or physical pain, there is a problem. The good news is anxiety won... [Read More...]

Dealing With Toxic People

Learn How to Deal With Difficult People and Toxic Behaviors in This Trauma-Informed 3-in-1 Series Compilation: In this complete guide for handling toxic people, Therapist Neela Arnaud offers tips, tools, and strategies to help you recognize, protect yourself from, and end contact with the harmful people in your life (including toxic family members) with confidence, courage, and conviction. This 3-book series was thoughtfully created to help you manage and effectively address toxic, dysfunctiona... [Read More...]

Indirect Work: A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions and Humans

Make a profound and lasting difference with your life. Start with understanding regenerative change. Combining over four decades of author Carol Sanford’s research and experience with rich traditions of Indigenous and lineage sources and quantum cosmologies, Indirect Work translates living systems understanding into a practical human technology for daily life at home and work. Through foundational wisdom and exercises for self-discovery, this guide will illuminate your understanding of the un... [Read More...]

Majestic Money: The 30-day Femme Manifesting Game

Ready to manifest a more meaningful rich life? It begins with feeling worthy. You will only receive and sustain what you feel worthy of. This 30 day manifesting game will help you shed the shiz holding you back so you can align with, and create your own potently prosperous reality. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Waves of Truth

Waves Of Truth is a book of poems and affirmations to awaken the soul. Each poem provides a new vibratory experience that guides the reader towards spiritual growth. This book is my journey from awakening to the present day. The book is meant as a catalyst for spiritual growth, the goal being to ignite the fire that lies dormant. We are all called to serve, to serve ourselves and then the world. Let this be a message to all that would choose the path of service, the true path. As each fear disi... [Read More...]