Looking to promote your book on This site is part of the network of sites. You can promote your book here and on a handful of other sites and in 2 newsletters by setting up a single promotion on  Our network of sites includes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

JustKindlebooks has promoted books since 2012 and has acquired a massive following of readers who love getting free and low-cost books. It has a combined audience of more than 51,000 newsletter subscribers and 78,000 Facebook followers.

Book Promotions

JustKindleBooks offers 5 budget-friendly options:

Premium Promotion Plus $45 -Your book will be featured in a top spot of the homepages and within the JustKindleBooks and BookSliced newsletters. Plus, it will appear on many of the sites in our network. JustKindleBooks will share your book on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Plus, your book will stay on JustKindleBooks’s home page for 2-3 extra days.

Premium book promotion $38 – This promotion offers everything above, except for Instagram post and the extra time on the homepage.

Budget book promotion -$22 Your book will be featured in the JustKindlebooks newsletter and on the homepage  JustKindleBooks, eReaderNation as well as 6 other sites in our network. JustKindleBooks will create a post for your book on all of our social channels except Facebook and Instagram.

Book Series Promotion – ($43) Use this option to promote all the titles in your book series at once. You’ll get everything that is included in our Premium promotion.

Premium Article about Your Books– ($45) We will write an article about your book or books and publish it on one of the websites in our network.  You can use the article to showcase your work, add to your brand and attract new readers. Additionally, you can pull out quotes to use on your book’s detail page or to post on Facebook.

The most important factor of any promotion is to make sure that your book is viewed by as many readers in your genre as possible. JustKindleBooks ensures a large reach to a targeted audience.


Which genres can be promoted?
JustKindleBooks accepts all genres, but keep in mind that the book cover can’t be too explicit or graphic.

How much reach will my book get?
Combined our network of sites have more than 45,500 newsletter subscribers, 76,000 Facebook followers, 35,000 monthly page views and 500,000 monthly social media impressions. Each day we drive an average of 120 paid purchases, 2,500 free book downloads, and hundreds of KU borrows through all our sites and newsletters.

What form of payment can I use?
JustKindleBooks accepts Paypal, and credit card payment via Paypal. If you do not have Paypal account,  simply select guest checkout and use your credit card.

How far in advance should I submit my book promotion?
It’s best to submit your book promotions at least 3 days in advance. But in some cases 24 hours in advance is enough time. In either case you will get a confirmation email from the editor once the promotion has been scheduled.

With the Follower Boost promotion, how can I find out how many followers I gained during my giveaway? Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t disclose this information with authors.