Free: Daisy in the Doghouse

Daisy In The Doghouse is a dark, funny, family story about exposing corporate greed and a grass-roots movement to make the world a better place. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Jack Sullivan, former CEO and current stay-at-home dad, struggles to find an outlet for his frustrations with the unfair financial systems of corporate America. ... [Read More...]


Ex-agent Eva Rae Thomas is on the run. The past month she has done things she never knew she was capable of while hunting for her kidnapped daughter. Eva Rae has risked everything, – her career, -her newfound love, -her freedom. She’s looking for the man they call the Iron Fist. The trail has led her to Miami. Meanwhile, Miami is under attack. Hundreds of passengers in the Metrorail are exposed to a deathly nerve gas on a peaceful Monday morning. When Eva Rae Thomas sees her daughter on... [Read More...]

Dark Sun Rising

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale isn’t sure if she believes in angels, but she’s pretty sure she’s not a descendant of one. Her grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, would beg to differ. Her brothers, Victor and Gabe, would tell her to shut up about it and just do what she’s supposed to do: fight. Specifically, they want her to follow The Ways by participating in the Agora–the annual gathering where the seven clans compete for honor. But Mel has never been one for competition, and the o... [Read More...]

The Complete PTSD Healing Process: A Life-Changing Step-by-Step Blueprint to Triumph Over Trauma and Reclaim Your Life with Tapping (EFT)

The Complete PTSD Healing Process gives a step-by-step blueprint to triumph over trauma, reclaim your life, and drastically reduce PTSD using Tapping (EFT). David gives an overview of the trauma healing process, how to manage emotions on a daily basis, and how to clear the emotional charge from trauma at its root so you can feel better with lasting results and move on with your life. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Frieda’s Cookies

In a strangely-shaped world far away, lived a little girl in one of the many towns of the Kingdom of Melanion. She’s like any other growing child – loves cookies, plays every chance she gets, and curious about a lot of things. But there’s one distinct difference which sets Frieda apart. Unknown to her, the magic of an entire world considers her as a friend. $1.20 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Love Lessons

On the verge of winning the biggest literary prize at Shelfbrooke, Rex swears off all girls and parties, and prepares for a distraction-free semester. But when his grades aren’t good enough to participate in the contest, he ends up in tutoring with the new exchange student, the perfect distraction from his work. Zara’s been banished to a boring boarding school in America to work on her English. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get back to France as soon as possibleR... [Read More...]

Carried Away

Declan Williams is a billionaire. He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing. Kendall Jackson is a flight attendant on Declan’s private jet. He’s been watching her, wanting her, and waiting for her to give him the all clear for far too long. Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but they’ve been playing cat and mouse and Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever. There’s no better place to make his move than when they’re thi... [Read More...]

A Ship In The Sand

Tam and his dog Wolf are in trouble when they are shot down by space pirates on a distant planet. But then Tam finds a space ship in the sand of the desert, and is able to get it running. With it, he can now leave the planet, but is the space ship really as empty as it seems to be? Strange messages appear on the flight computers, and lights turn on by themselves. The boy and his dog may not be as alone as they thought they were. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Better than Before: A Guide to Living a Happier Life

This guide will help you get out of a mundane, monotonous life, and teach you to live a life that is fulfilling, exciting, and peaceful. Included are more than 60 tools and techniques to help you along your personal development journey. Created not to be binge read, but to read one chapter every day over a 2 month period. This will not take much time each day, but the results will be life changing. Included within the pages are spaces to take notes which allows you to self reflect and grow as a... [Read More...]