Carried Away

Carried Away
Declan Williams is a billionaire.
He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing.

Kendall Jackson is a flight attendant on Declan’s private jet.
He’s been watching her, wanting her, and waiting for her to give him the all clear for far too long.

Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but they’ve been playing cat and mouse and Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever.

There’s no better place to make his move than when they’re thirty thousand feet in the air.
Kendall is about to get carried away in all of the things Declan has been dying to do to her.
But most of all, this over-the-top Alpha won’t rest until he makes sure he has what he wants most.
Kendall’s love.

Tory Baker is back with a love story that sure to make your heart soar at least a mile high (wink, wink.) So put your seats in the upright position, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff into Happily Ever After. $0.99 on Kindle.

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