Hiding Hollywood

After being wrongly accused of stealing her boyfriend’s Mercedes, Addison Johnson faces the inconvenient reality that her self-absorbed boyfriend really is clueless and that she will do anything for a cup of coffee. She hacks into computers for a living. She’s not a petty car thief. The man her brother sends to rescue her from her caffeine withdrawal (and jail) makes Addie thankful for the mix-up. From his deeply tanned skin to the tribal tattoo on his ribcage, Cameron Dempsey stared in eve... [Read More...]

The Galactic Battle Base: Space Dust

It’s the year 2848. 20-year-old Axel Jensen is just one of the 2.5 million military personnel, support staff, and family members on the Galactic Battle Base. He wants off. Starting university, his astrogation scores are too low to qualify him for any careers that would take him out of the base. He could go into a technical field like his parents or join the infantry, but that would only commit him to another 20 years inside the giant, tubular, space ship. Instead, he turns to selling cont... [Read More...]

If You Dont Like Lemonade, Stop Buying Lemons

  Ever since the beginning of the world man has contained within him an insatiable desire to be the captain of his own ship and master of his own fate. It really becomes problematic when pride prevents one from looking outside thier selves for help or the correct answers in life. It’s not that God has abandon us with no directions or answers, it is the failure of launching one’s selve in a humble posture and seek the real truth and to stop relying on feelings. After years of hi... [Read More...]

Free: Cupcakes and Corpses

A serial killer is terrorizing Cleveland, PI Claire’s hometown. When her beloved former babysitter is murdered, it gets personal for Claire. Pursuing the suspects through sleazy bars, churches, bingo parlors, and music studios, Claire puts herself in the killer’s sights. As the corpses pile higher than meringue on a pie, Claire is determined to hunt down the murderer before he kills again. ... [Read More...]

Our Wild and Precious Lives

A YA crossover book for those 15+ that adults appreciate, too. Teenage siblings find themselves on a small Army base in Germany during the early 1960s Cold War. Lasting effects of war are passed to another generation through their abusive World War II hero father with PTSD and their traumatized Italian war bride mother. “Classic in the making.” $1.50 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer: Forty Stories of Coping, Finding Meaning, and Building Resilience While Living with Incurable Lung Cancer

Facing one’s mortality, patients with cancer develop an urgency to find meaning in life. They struggle with the illness, its emotional impact, and the consequences of treatments. But, with time, reflection, and support from others, they develop resilience. Cancer patients often are not passive. Instead, they choose different strategies to maintain and restore their health. They also leverage a variety of approaches to cope better with their struggle. The book tells the stories of 39 patie... [Read More...]