Free: Lake of Secrets

All Ginnie wants to do is enjoy her London summer with her best friend. Then a family emergency sends her to Northern Michigan where there’s nothing to do other than hike the trails, go fishing, or accidentally find a dead body. When the ghost of the dead girl interrupts Ginnie’s life, Ginnie determines to solve the mystery behind the girl’s death. But the ghost’s intentions are not what they seem. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Alien Chronicles

Human girl. Alien entity. Disaster. Zoe Brennan has everything sorted. Finally, she’s good friends with the ultra-cool Jas and part of her popular group. She even has plans to make new boy, Chad Everett, fall for her. But on one disastrous day at the beach all that changes when she encounters Rion, an extremely annoying alien who informs her they are connected – for life. Bossy and egotistical, he has no hesitation in telling her that exercise, studying and green tea should take pre... [Read More...]

Abelard and the Witch’s Vengeance

The merry Kingdom of Merdyce is enchanted under the curse of an evil witch. Only Abelard, the simple farm boy who became a knight in Abelard and the Dragon’s Vapor, dares to pursue the witch and force her to break the spell. But the road is filled with surprises, danger, and marvels as he ventures into the perilous realm where few dare to go, and those who do are never the same.... [Read More...]


Every hero has an origin story. Mine begins with an underground cage fight and ends in a secret identity. By day I’m Willow Nguyen, not so mild-mannered teenager searching for her missing mother. By night…okay, I’m the same, but it’s easier to break into banks under cover of darkness. My world is divided into the Academy and the Kings: the law and the thugs. At the centre of their power are the espers like me: the telepaths, psychics and illusionists. What I can do could change the bala... [Read More...]

The Perfect Catch

He can catch every pitch thrown to him, but can he catch her heart? Dax Stratton lives for baseball. But when he gets into a fight with the school jerk, the principal decides it’s time for a different kind of punishment. He’s assigned to the senior committee with Kate Adams, Student Body President, who also happens to be the girl he’s been crushing on. Kate Adams has life mapped out, well, her mom does. Her schedule is filled with service activities and schoolwork. It’s not ... [Read More...]

Geek Fire

Honors student, Emma Edgin, never thought she’d be a superhero, but she never thought she’d fail a class or be diagnosed autistic either. After a strange craft flies over the West Coast, Emma sneezes a fireball and starts flying. Emma doesn’t want to be a hero. Too bad so many people need saving. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Soul Scribe Trilogy (Books 1-3)

Can you imagine going from not knowing magic exists, to finding out that it won’t exist much longer without you? Born on Earth, and insulated from all magic aside from her own innate abilities, Everleigh’s life has been one of trials and sorrow. She grew up believing that her capabilities made her an anomaly, a genetic freak who should hide away from the world, when in fact she wants nothing more than to find her place in it. The death of her adoptive parents leads to her complete i... [Read More...]