The Manling

The boy’s adventure continues… Winter is coming and the boy’s clan needs him for hunting. Feeling secure in his relationship with Irene as his mate, the boy ventures forth. While braving the wilderness, he crosses paths with a rogue male sasquatch and they form a brotherly bond as they travel together. Life in the wilderness is unpredictable and things get complicated when a cryptozoologist and a magazine reporter stumble upon them. The two guys want to help the boy, not capture him. But ... [Read More...]

When Oceans Rise

Seventeen-year-old Malaya is cursed to fall for someone evil. Submerged in a toxic relationship, Malaya trades her voice to a sea witch. But when she timeshifts into her new existence, she discovers she shipped an alternate version of herself to her dangerous ex and the sea witch used her voice to unleash Filipino monsters. Can Malaya take back the power of her voice to save both worlds? $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Heir of Magic (The Kingdom War Book 1)

Whispers of magic, shadows of danger, fate teeters on a dagger’s edge. In a world of magic, a secret sect seeks to revive their evil queen whose anger and thirst for revenge could destroy the world. As kidnappings begin to occur, Keelan races to save the missing individuals. He uncovers a sinister pattern. Only those with magic are being taken, but to what end? In a distant kingdom, the Crown Princess disappears, and blame is laid on their neighboring nation, leading to the call for war. ... [Read More...]

The Teen Anxiety Survival Guide For Girls

Teen girls can learn how to use of simple techniques and effective methods to rid yourself of anxiety, improve your confidence, and live an overall more satisfying life. How to overcome stress and pressure governed by homework, school work, tests, exams, and overall performance anxiety. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Elk Virus: A Graphic Fantasy Novel

A coming of age and graphic fantasy tale of an outcast and street fighter Leon Dredman set adrift in a sea of racial and economic turmoil in the historical setting of Thatcher-era North London. Desperate for a change in fortune Leon learns of a vacant position as a warehouseman with the Constructivists, an enigmatic art cult rumoured to have knowledge of an ancient and powerful computer virus known as the Elk Virus. Leon is unwittingly lured into a quest full of magical realism to find the magi... [Read More...]

March of the Band 4

Our heroes, Jacob and Tyler, are sent to a summer camp after getting themselves in hot water at a comic convention for supposedly stealing an item. After getting lost in the Mt. Hood National Wilderness, with two other campers on a day hike, they struggle to find their way back to civilization. They must forge a trusting relationship and alliance in order to escape the wrath of Mother Nature and evade capture from two ruthless killers who believe Jacob has the item which might be priceless. Wil... [Read More...]

Money Management for Young Adults: From Your First Paycheck to Your First Million

Take control of your financial future—with your very first paycheck! Your paycheck, your responsibility. It’s time to saddle up and take the reins. Prepare to become a sharp-shooting budgeter, resolute saver, and top-tier investor on the path to financial freedom. Whether you are just entering the workforce or have been earning an income for a while, Money Management for Young Adults: From Your First Paycheck to Your First Million, is your comprehensive guide to smart money decisions. In th... [Read More...]

Free: Our Journey Is Our Own

Bailey isn’t home this time. It’s only Kat, Mom, and Dad here. And Dad is hitting Mom again. He’s growing more violent, and Kat needs to stand up and help her. But when Kat visits the school counselor and tries to call the police, the counselor tells her what she already knows—that calling them might only make things worse. So what is she supposed to do? Meanwhile, her brother, Bailey, is off at college, hoping to heal away from home. He can feel the traces of his father streaming throu... [Read More...]