Free: Falling for the Bronc Rider

Beth is fine being friends with Jake, but she wont cross that line, even when circumstances push them to share the same living space. Jake proudly wears the badge of confirmed bachelor. It suits his bronc riding career just fine. When Beth needs help, he offers her to ride along with him. Who knew the one girl he couldn’t have, would be the one to finally reach his heart. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lovers and Lace

Is a love that burns too brightly at the start, destined to combust in the end? Olivia Wilson and Sergio Martinez fell hard and fast the day they met. But with twenty-year-old Olivia about to embark on a modeling career with Delcinia, a luxury lingerie brand and the older Sergio pressured to devote time to his family’s struggling international clothing company Martinez Designs, they arent given a chance. Until they reunite nine years later. When Olivias determination to become a driving f... [Read More...]

Poorly Wrapped Gifts

Do you feel unheard, invalidated, scared, lost and alone after learning about your partners affair? Do you feel stuck in your grief and are afraid you will never get your spark for life back?Are you overwhelmed by non-stop triggers and feel isolated because of the thoughts, visions and intense emotions you are having? Having your world shatter because you have been betrayed by your partner is devastating, leaving you feeling scared, abandoned, rejected, embarrassed and out of control. Healing f... [Read More...]

Free: Discovery

DA Harris Torrington is ready to take the next step in his political career, running for governor. Then he crosses paths with Ashe Bristol, the new Houston Texans quarterback. They look exactly alike. To find answers on why they look similar, Ashe asks his friend, Sunee Miller, for help. Sunee, an MD with a PhD in molecular genetics, is baffled. The two men are unlike any genetic pairing in existence. While trying to solve the mystery, Sunee and Harris fall for each other. But the more they unc... [Read More...]

Free: Keeper of the Algorithm

Once a misfit dropout, Mike now controls the fate of man versus machine As technology’s grip tightens, a haunting question emerges: Does anyone hold the reins of the omnipotent Algorithm? Assuming another students ID in a crowded exam room, Mike’s journey takes an unexpected turn when a stern figure declares, “I am Jacob Winters. Welcome to the AI career placement test. Today, we will discover which of you represents the pinnacle of human genius.” Delve into Keeper of th... [Read More...]


If you liked James Clears Atomic Habits or Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck, you will love Laugh Out Loud; it provides the secret ingredient in life for coping and happiness that money just can’t buy. Humanity is in a state of crisis and despair on a global scale. Despots are everywhere we turn, sowing and spewing their evil. Say nothing of the day-to-day stressors in life that we face. As of the end of 2022, there were 85,253 self-help books available; however, on... [Read More...]

That Was Before

The “That Was Before” thriller series brings friends and lovers close, but enemies even closer. With secret pasts and hidden agendas, nothing is quite what it seems. It all comes together in three action-packed thrillers with psychological twists that will keep your head spinning. Best Thrillers says to, “Buckle up for a full-throttle thriller drawn with full-bodied characters” from award-winning author Dan Lawton. From $3.98 to $4.00 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

3 Weeks to Thin

Ever wonder why weight loss feels so much harder as you get older? The truth is most diets work against your biology. But their is a simple solution and it’s in this book. Transformation specialist Diana West shows you exactly why past diets have failed you and how to harness your natural biology to get back to your ideal weight and stay there for good. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]