Free: The Tired Child: How Sleep and Sleep Breathing Can Change Your Child’s Life

The Tired Child: How Sleep and Sleep Breathing Can Change Your Child’s Life Kids across the United States are experiencing a sleep crisis. Sometimes, they can’t sleep because of anxiety or too much screen time. But other times, the problem runs deeper. For some children, the lack of high-quality, restful sleep is due to sleep-disordered breathing. When children can’t breathe properly, they can’t sleep. And a lack of sleep negatively impacts children’s healthy development and puts them... [Read More...]

Your Pelvic Floor Sucks: But It Doesn’t Have To: A Whole Body Guide to a Better Pelvic Floor

Does your pelvic floor suck? Quick answer: Your pelvic floor actually does suck. Most people recognize a kegel exercise. So yes, your pelvic floor sucks, but did you know it does a lot more than that? At least one in four women has some amount of pelvic floor dysfunction and most are being told it’s a normal part of having kids or aging. But Dr. Lindsay Mumma disagrees and thinks you should, too. She outlines an evidence-informed approach for improving pelvic floor function that is nerdy ... [Read More...]

Aging Optimally: Essential Tools for Healing Pain of Body, Mind, and Spirit

In Aging Optimally: Essential Tools for Healing Pain of Body, Mind, and Spirit, Dr. Carol Monson examines the art and science of alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine by letting you learn and use the tools of modern and ancient medical systems. You can increase your longevity, health, and wellness with scientific evidence and anecdotal information that helps you decide which tools work for you. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Youth Contact Sports and Broken Brains: Understanding the Hidden Risks of Mental Illness from Early Exposure to Concussive Trauma

Mac’s story and the family’s vulnerability are powerful and followed by undeniable science. Youth Contact Sports And Broken Brains breaks down the science of brain development, repetitive brain trauma, and their links to mental illness while giving parents the information they need to keep their children safe when participating in contact sports. $4.95 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss: How to Change Your Overweight Nature Into a Permanent Weight Loss Nature

A bold new look at why dieting doesn’t work – and how you can finally break a lifetime of yo-yo dieting using nothing more than the incredible power of your own mind. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Ending the Eczema Epidemic: Surprising Solutions to Transforming Your Skin from Within

The byproduct of years of practice in the medical field, Ending the Eczema Epidemic was written by Ana-Maria Temple, MD, and John Temple, MD, to expose the factors involved in treating eczema, allergies, and chronic diseases. Contrary to what one might expect, their solutions focus on gut healing through nutrition, removing environmental toxins, and restoring gut and skin microbiomes. In fact, their anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle recommendations would likely improve the lives of anyone wi... [Read More...]

Health to Vitality: Liberate Yourself from the Shackles of Traditional Health Care and Empower Yourself to Create a Life of Vitality & Fulfillment

Our current healthcare system is not designed to create vitality for us. The foundation and principles are focused on keeping us alive and making sure we survive. Although it has proven to be capable of keeping us alive, it does so at a high price, both financially and by creating dependency on it. The solutions offered by our current medical model are focused on symptoms and mostly result in surgeries, medications, or some type of never-ending therapy. Health to Vitality empowers you to take y... [Read More...]

Stop Stress Eating Now

Emotional eating taking over your life and ruining your self-esteem? Then keep reading to how you can Stop Stress Eating NOW! Do you struggle to lose weight or keep it off? Do you often reach for your favorite fatty comfort food whenever you feel happy or sad? Do you wish you could put an end to your stress eating habits for good? If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! Most importantly, you’re not alone. Sought-after psychologist and bestselling author John Be... [Read More...]