Free: Destiny

Renny McGuire is about to find out her whole life has been an elaborate charade. Designed to protect her, it unwittingly puts her in the cross-hairs of a dark and dangerous world she must quickly learn to navigate. As a series of terrifying events unfold, Renny must determine who is friend and who is foe. Renny’s fate was written in the stars, but she alone must choose her destiny. The future of two worlds hangs in the balance. Destiny, the exciting conclusion to Faete. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Of Daggers and Dreamers

In a tie-breaker battle for control of the earth, will the warrior of the Divine Feminine be victorious? Kai Matthieus, arms himself with three magical tools and his ex-military teammates. Peyton Dempsey seeks Kai for protection from the evil entity who wants the earth as a playground. Kai and Peyton prepare for the final battle of light against dark. ... [Read More...]

Kiss Across Time Boxed Set

The first four fantastic books in the best selling time travel paranormal romance series! Kiss Across Time, Kiss Across Swords, Time Kissed Moments & Kiss Across Chains! Follow Taylor, Brody and Veris as they learn about time travel and survive adventures in the past, all while learning to love and live their unconventional life in the present. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


An ancient Celtic love-spell invoked under a Blood Moon turns seventeen-year-old Renny McGuire’s life upside down overnight. Dabbling in magic, she unknowingly opens a portal between time and worlds, awakening a witch’s curse, lost love and dark family secrets. Two mysterious and alluring strangers enter her life. A dangerous and fiery passion is ignited. Renny soon discovers nothing is as it seems and everyone has a secret to hide as she is plunged headlong into a labyrinth of secr... [Read More...]

Royal Alien Mate

He’s determined to conquer her heart… Desperate to save her parents from debtors’ prison, Esmay signs up as an alien mail order bride. She’ll travel to Mars to become a savage alien’s mate, and in exchange for her sacrifice, all her family’s debt will be forgiven. She prays she’ll find some semblance of happiness on Mars and hopes her future husband treats her with kindness. But she’s stunned to discover the muscle-bound blue alien she’s bee... [Read More...]

Last Bite

He’s the beast that bites. And I can’t stay away. Meet Xavier. Tall. Dark. Mysterious. Older. Much Older. The man I grew up fantasizing about. I’m all grown up now. And my hot neighbor, turned demanding boss is beginning to finally notice. I’m feverishly waiting for the Halloween Ball to profess my love. I mean he’s pretty fr*ckin perfect. Except for the small part about living off human blood. Or him potentially planting a seed inside me that could change everythi... [Read More...]

Free: Before Autumn Fades

Loving a ghost is tricky. Living for one is nearly impossible. Psychic soulmates, linked across the boundary of life and death, take on a poltergeist and their own wars with self-destruction. Jordan lost the fight years ago; so Wren has to fight for both of them. As if life didn’t already suck. New town, snobby private academy, and of course Autumn, the ghost girl that won’t stop until Wren kills herself… Maybe Jordan had the right idea. But there are consequences when a spirit doesn’t ... [Read More...]

Elite Dragon’s Secret Baby

These enemies to lovers need only one night to make a baby together and change everything. My whole family was killed one night. That changed me. And not for the better. I spent my life hating what was left of the family that destroyed me. One man still needed to feel the wrath of my revenge. He taunted me. Attacked me. He was waiting for the very moment that he would be able to end me. Not to mention, he got Mallory. Beautiful, determined, I so badly wanted her for my own. I wanted her, and on... [Read More...]