Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine

Oh my God! Debbies been abducted by aliens. She wakes up to find four of them looking down at her. They have very big needles, but before they can use them on her Debbie is rescued by a stranger who cant remember who she is. The aliens have memory-blocked her. Naming her Ellen because she was good at taking down aliens too, Debbie sets off with her on a voyage across the universe. Hunted all the way by the aliens who want their ship back, Debbie and Ellen discover a cosmos filled with civilizat... [Read More...]

Crater Stumble

Caley, a small-town sheriff, found the job much like any other small-town law enforcement officer. Crater Stumble is primarily a peaceful farming village. The town is unlike any other in one regard. It sits on an alien planet. When her hometown found itself in the middle of an alien war, she had to organize and arm a community of farmers with alien weapons. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Titan’s Tears

Unnatural things are happening on an isolated island off the coast of Alaska. A brilliant scientist faces the hostile takeover of her life’s work her company all while striving to keep the identity of her young daughter a secret. A slaughterhouse worker is declared obsolete and replaced by machines and becomes a recluse. A woman with bizarre hallucinations and nightmares finds herself in a peculiar Alaskan village, cut off from civilization. A blind little girl faces a fate worse than dea... [Read More...]

Earthly Vessels

Some heroes need help. A lot of help. All cultures have a legend of a Chosen One, a Messiah, a golden child who will be born to redeem them. But thirty-something Arby Keeling is not that guy, and Earthly Vessels is not that story. Through a mix-up in the great metaphysical switchboard of the universe, a ritual intended to incarnate a long-awaited deity results in Arby instead. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Henry Gallant Saga – Books 1-4

As the last starfighter, only Henry Gallant can stop the alien invasion. In an era of genetic engineering, Henry Gallant is the only Natural left in the United Planets’ fleet. With the space fleet on the verge of annihilation from the alien invasion, analyzing the captured computer in Gallant’s possession is critical to stopping them. He can expect no help as he navigates through threatening aliens on his way to Mars, and his shipmates doubt he is up to the challenge. But as the las... [Read More...]

Free: RobotWorld

The year is 2075. Although it’s against the law for robots to hold positions of power in the government and in large corporations, they have managed to do so largely because of the efforts of RobotWorld–one of the largest corporations on the planet. RW has created sentient robots that can totally pass for human. Taylor Morris, a human, has risen rapidly up the RobotWorld hierarchy and has earned a life of privilege. But he laments the fact that he’s had to compromise many of h... [Read More...]

Glitches of Gods

Julien feels utterly miserable. Creator of the AI that killed his father, the brilliant engineer deftly evades work on the worlds first human-level android, dodging the off-chance of snuffing out more lives. Instead, Julien much prefers bickering with his virtual assistant, crafting memes with his quirky friends, and shagging dates across a broad spectrum of genders. Yet, due to a maddening jump across timelines, he grudgingly faces his greatest dreads: raising a family and leading his team to ... [Read More...]

Paradox: Book One of The Singularity Chronicles

“In the battle over advanced AI, will we lose our humanity or learn what truly makes us human?” Kira and Noah face a choice: Do they follow in their fathers footsteps, advancing Artificial Intelligence to allow their dying mother to live on? Or do they let her rest in peace and step away from the technology that is dividing humanity? In the chaotic battle that ensues, will they lose their humanity or will they learn what truly makes them human? They face a paradox with no easy answe... [Read More...]