Free: Atonement Camp for Unrepentant Homophobes

The oldest translation of a Gospel is returned to the world by a secret society long dedicated to its preservation. In it, Jesus explicitly condemns bigotry and homophobia. In a new world in which LGBTQ passengers receive preferential boarding for flights and the United States has elected its first lesbian President, Pastor Rick Harris is stalwart, closeted preacher who doggedly holds onto his increasingly unpopular convictions. When an incendiary sermon goes too far and offends an influential ... [Read More...]

Valencia with Love

Finding love again after losing their soulmates? This heart-breaking MM Romance will wrap you up in their lives. Rick had found his soulmate in Leo. They were living in the UK, happy and content, but when his Boy Leo dies in a motorcycle accident, his world crashes around him. In Valencia, Tommy’s millionaire Daddy, Juan, dies in a plane crash and Tommy becomes a multi-millionaire overnight, but money is not what a Boy needs. A year later, Rick travels to Valencia, and he crosses paths with T... [Read More...]

My Accidental First Date

I was twenty-two and clueless. I’d never looked at a guy that way. That’s what I told myself. And then the phone rang… What would you do if your roommate’s friend, a friend you’ve never met, called and invited you to see a movie in roomie’s place? What would you do hours later when you finally realize he thought this was a date? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Training A Hockey Star: Gay First Time Romance

This Hockey Star Treated my Heart like a Puck. I thought my dreams had come true when Rudy Marsh came back home and hired me to train him. I was a new trainer and now I had one of the hottest stars in the business. He would be the catalyst for my success. All I had to do was treat him well. But God he didn’t make it easy. From the moment we met, he tortured me, tormented me, and pushed me to my limits. And then it happened. He made me do something I never thought would happen. He pushed me to... [Read More...]

Manhattan Mistletoe Mystery

There’s one thing Mark Elmer learned helming a true-crime podcast: it’s never a mannequin. Mark has a full-time job at Five Points Catering and a small but fun historical true-crime podcast. Jack Russell is a beat reporter looking to make it big, after learning that the daughter of a mob boss is attending a wedding, he crashes it. Working the same event, Mark is stunned when the dead body of a trans woman is discovered outside. His shock turns to resolve when he finds out the victim is an o... [Read More...]

Merry & Sprite

Opposites attract in this hilarious and sexy holiday romance with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart. Jonathan’s to-do list: 1. Deck the halls 2. Throw Forrest off the nearest cliff Jonathan Thomas moved across the country to escape his ex, only to end up planted next to a guy who drives him even further out of his mind. Forrest Wilde has no problem doing every little thing he can to work Jonathan’s last nerve, crashing into his tidy life and well-built walls with obnoxious flir... [Read More...]