Gay Erotic Stories From The Past – The Barbarian and the Romans

Zaan, a prince of a Germanic tribe, is captured and made a Roman slave. Lucius, a Roman Knight, receives the new slave as a gift. The two fall in love, but are taken advantage of by a neighbor and senator. They flee north and, instead of reaching the safety of the legion, are now captured by Zaan’s tribe. Now Lucius is the slave. Zaan’s father orders the Roman punished in the Hut of Retribution. Zaan offers to take his place. Finally, Lucius steps up to save his beloved. A steamy story of M... [Read More...]

Swearing Off Stars

Lia Cole is an American studying at Oxford in the 1920s. She quickly falls for Scarlett, an aspiring actress who introduces her to an exciting gender-equality movement with high stakes. But when their secret love clashes with political uprising, their relationship is one of the casualties. Spread across time and place, their story is one of desire, adventure, and ultimately, devotion. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


In the military and law enforcement, the line between right and wrong is clear. Who you trust absolutely has never been questioned…until now. Air Force Security Forces Master Sergeant Alex Thomas just got back from a rough deployment and already has a new assignment—to train a new team in everything she knows. Much to her dismay, her new team is not military but members of the Boston Police Department. When she finally meets them, she realizes why the military and local law enforcement don... [Read More...]

When Love Calls Your Name

What do you do when the person you once loved is standing right in front of you? Do you jump in feet first? Or do you continue to hide those feelings you once suppressed for so long? But he left me….without saying a word. Did I push him too far? Will we ever go back to the way we were? Alex and Leo have been close friends since middle school. They were so close that people called them “The Couple”. But one night changed the dynamics of their relationship which lead to two years without an... [Read More...]

Quarantined Hearts

What would you do if you were trapped in quarantine with your one-night stand… and the arch-nemesis you’ve spent a decade trying to forget? Forced to shelter from the virus together in a one bedroom condo Monroe, Kellen, and Austin have to find a way to survive the pandemic…and each other. Reviewers are calling Quarantined Hearts “Five Stars of delightful drama and wickedly naughty scenes!” This steamy MMF menage romance features MM, MF, MMF groupings, BDSM power e... [Read More...]

Avalon’s Last Knight

After being away at college for a year, Lance returns to Avalon, Kentucky for the summer. He hasn’t seen any of his friends in months, but all that changes when Arthur—the one person he can’t have—offers him a ride home from work. The last time Lance saw Arthur, the two had not parted on the best of terms—with Arthur’s father finding them asleep on his bed, and physically wrenching Lance away from Arthur. The incident put a strain on their relationship and convinced Lanc... [Read More...]