Free: I Can See You

British detective, Jonathan Roper has been marked for death by a psychotic criminal genius jealous of his status as the new star at Scotland Yard. Young, gifted and autistic, Roper will need every ounce of his special skills to survive. That and the unflinching backing of his partner veteran copper, Brian Hooley, in this thrilling outing for a unique pair of crime fighters. ... [Read More...]

You’re Welcome: A Dog Lovers Novel

You‘re Welcome is a fabulous five star read inspired by true events! Ludo, a German Shepherd and Melody, a young woman need one another more than they know. The two form an unbreakable bond and with it they take on the best and worst that life has to give them. Will they come out on top, or will they find themselves lost forever in depths of life’s darkest places? ... [Read More...]

The Values String

The Values String is a unique, creative, motivational book on Transitional Life, Compelling Fulfillment, and Profound Peace. This book establishes the nexus among transformation, resilience, fulfillment, and peace. It also highlights mental health issues, refraining from stigmatization of persons, and encouraging persons to seek help. The author’s creativity is showcased through self—composed songs, which align with some sections in the book. This book introduces a self—mastery and be... [Read More...]

Spirit of Gettysburg: Soulmates Across Time

Can ghosts die twice? apparently so. To prevent her husband’s murder at the hands of his personal, implacable enemy, Maureen travels back in time – to 1863. It is a second chance for them, another traumatic test of their eternal, devoted, soulmate love. She is frightened. What if she fails him…again? Try this #1 Young Adult best seller. ... [Read More...]

“I” before “E” except after “Me,” Jazz Berry Lime Juice

Introducing a new series for young readers featuring the Wrigley family. Illustrated chapter books makes reading fun for ages 5-8. “Jazz Berry Lime Juice” is a great read out-loud! Johnny was in a bad mood. He was tired of being a twin. Being a big brother to a three-year old was hard enough, but being a little brother to older sisters was worse. Johnny felt like he was NOBODY in his own family. It was not until he had a lot of chores to do and time to think that Johnny realized tha... [Read More...]

Forbidden Daddy

First thing’s first. This is a zero judgment zone. So when I tell you I hired a total babe as my boy’s nanny… You won’t criticize my decision-making skills. There is one other thing… Said babe is my best friend’s little sis – and I don’t know how the h*ll I’ll be able to keep my hands off her. It’s been years since I last saw her. And, boy is she all grown up. Breathtaking eyes that can see right through me… And luscious curves for days. I can’t help but think about ... [Read More...]

The Adventures of Joseph Martin

Joseph Martin is the ultimate anti-hero wrapped in a thief’s body with a big heart to match. Joseph Martin is a mischievous, brilliant, and charming guy who steals not only for his own gain, but for the subsequent good of others. The stories in this book are a compilation of situations in which he demonstrates his ability to disguise himself, pull off impressive thefts, cleverly elude the police, solve riddles, and steal whatever catches his attention. Sequential in nature, the stories can be... [Read More...]