Making Smart Choices

Making Smart Choices is an invaluable useful tool for high school students seeking success! It covers the relevant topics of today along with offering guidance, direction, information, resources and common sense ideas to help reduce your fears and anxiety along with helping you find success while in high school. Hopefully, you will open up your mind to new ideas and different perspectives along with seeking the truth that will be engaging and challenging for you. You will find yourself explorin... [Read More...]

Critical Thinking: Think Clearly in a World of Agendas, Bad Science, and Information Overload

Here’s How You Can Weather The Storm & Start Thinking Clearly Let’s see the facts. Your mind is under siege. Imagine if you could develop a new skill that would -Unleash Your Creativity -Encourage Positive Curiosity -Boost Your Problem-Solving Skills And help you navigate the foggy waters of mass media, online hysteria, and social media angst. Would You Be Interested In Developing Critical Thinking? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: RECOVER[edu] : A Communication Guide for Addressing Mental Health in Schools Kindle Edition

RECOVER[edu] is a conversation-starter, a communication-driver, and an awareness-builder. We talk a lot about “talking about” mental health, but that’s often where the conversation ends as the tone of discomfort surrounding mental health often leads to silence. Business-as-usual is no longer an option and changes must be made. School communities have both the opportunity and moral obligation to face the adolescent mental health crisis and RECOVER[edu] is the perfect place to begin! This b... [Read More...]

Birds & Animals

Children to adults, an imagery of Birds & Animals that will please all. Parents, read along with your children as they explore the wonderful colors and variety of Birds & Animals in The Wonders of Creation Series. From North America to Africa and the rainforests of the south and east, you will enjoy the soothing admiration of Creation, in a busy and sometimes hectic and troubled world. $3.50 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Plot Your Way to Publication: From Idea to Outline

Do you dream of writing a novel? No time or money to attend classes? Want shortcuts to learning the craft of writing? Check out my series, “TIME FOR SUCCESS!” Plot Your Way to Publication shows you how to plot the 3-act story structure with step-by-step Instructions. It’s updated with simple downloadable one-page chart templates you may use again and again. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Summary of The Body: A Guide for Occupants

If you’d like to learn more about how the body works, the magic power of its healing, but don’t want to read textbooks on human anatomy and physiology, this is the book for you. This summary book breaks down all the big ideas, key points and facts of Bill Bryson’s best selling book, so the reader can quickly and easily understand the content. ... [Read More...]

Pass IELTS at 7 or Higher: The Complete Framework for Mastering Task 2 Easily: IELTS Academic Writing and IELTS General Writing (Why Study in the UK?)

IELTS Essay Writing task 2 WAS frustrating and confusing! This practical IELTS book helps you get ideas every time you sit down to write your essays. Quickly improve your writing skills and end: “MY MIND GOES BLANK”. This book promises to end your confusion with IELTS Task 2 and gives you a system for organising your thoughts. Use our proven framework for Task 2 essay writing and get full points for Task Response and Cohesion / Coherence (for every essay you write). We have added Band 9 mod... [Read More...]

Free: Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children (Book 1 of 2)

We are on a quest in life and if we must achieve success then, we have to rest, know who we are and what we want in life. The journey to ultimate success in life is never an easy one. There are often difficulties and challenges, which are sometimes, insurmountable. Life does not require the most intelligent brains or the smartest minds to succeed but requires the determination to keep going in spite of the aches and the courage to overcome fears, doubts, and those challenges as well. It require... [Read More...]