Nina Winter and the Age of Darkness

Nina Winter and the Age of Darkness

The things that happen to us don’t define us. The way we react and what we believe does.

Nina Winter and the Age of Darkness is a story about a peasant girl living during the Dark Ages in a tiny village tucked away in the Bavarian Forest. She’s the lowest of the low on society’s totem pole in one of the cruelest eras of human history. After losing her father two seasons ago in a random accident, things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, but then, a horrific creature comes out of the forest’s shadows and drives everyone from her village to the lord’s castle, a mysterious place with dangerous secrets. How long will they be trapped, and who can she trust? Is it only a matter of time before the creature kills them all, or can Nina find a way to escape and survive her age of darkness? $2.99 on Kindle.
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