Mindfulness for Everyone: How to Stop Being F^cking Rude to People!

Are you rude to others? Did someone ever tell you they didn’t like the way you spoke to them? Do you know someone who is rude?

If so, this book is for you or them!

Dedicate this book to that rude boss…
That obnoxious co-worker…
Or that mindless parent.

This book shows you how to act in public…
How to behave properly in a restaurant…
How to be polite without being intrusive or unknowingly rude!
All of course, without the cursing.

You won’t get bored reading Mindfulness for Everyone because it’s straight-to-the-point without all the eight-hour read of high-level overly academic jargon.

Just read this baby for 5 minutes a day and those 5 minutes will give you a sense of purpose and a better understanding of how to treat others.

Also included in Mindfulness for Everyone is how to properly send an effective email to a co-worker without sounding insincere, rude, or terse.

Sometimes parents have to be reminded of mindfulness when dealing with their children.

With continued use of these mindfulness techniques, you will soon develop a sense of positive energy…
How to treat others well…
And contribute to a better world by changing it.

Take a journey toward kindness, and learn how to become unRude! $2.99 on Kindle.
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