The Beach Haven

The Beach Haven

She inherited the house of her dreams – but there’s a massive catch.

Serenity Miller always dreamed of owning her uncle’s beach house. Her childhood was filled with fun memories spent staying there – and when she discovers the house left to her in his will, she’s overjoyed. There’s only one big problem: she has to share it with her old arch-nemesis.

Serenity can’t stand Ian. Still nursing old wounds from their youth, she can’t believe that she’s stuck with this washed-up musician. She’s determined to strike a deal and get him out of her life ASAP, but Ian has a few tricks up his sleeve – and their war of roses quickly begins to blossom into an unlikely friendship.

Struggling to figure out her future and left confused by the feelings she’s beginning to have for the headstrong, cocky musician from her past, Serenity is faced with a choice: sell the beach house and say goodbye to her fond memories, or take a chance and build a new life for herself on the shores of this seaside paradise.
Can Serenity make peace with Ian and tame his free spirit? Or will their personality clashes leave them locked in perpetual war?

With all the fun and feel-good vibes of a charming beach read, The Beach Haven is a lovely and imaginative contemporary women’s fiction series with a smattering of wholesome romance and a touch of mystery. $0.99 on Kindle.
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