When Satan Ruled the Earth

When Satan Ruled the Earth

“In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)

It was supposed to be perfect. Earth was supposed to be a place for man to live peacefully and joyously as they worshipped God, and in return, God would bless them for eternity.

But, what happened?

Before God created Earth, he had a plan. He would create the Bene-Elohim, the Sons of God, who was to be ruled over by three Archangels — the Messenger Archangel Gabriel, the Warrior Archangel Michael, and finally, the Worshiper Archangel Lucifer.

However, along with the gift of free will came doubts and jealousy.

God had a plan, but nothing seemed to be going according to it. With the archangels harboring negative feelings of abandonment, they began to rebel. The archangels began to take one side or the other, comrades turning against each other as their views shifted. Their love for God, was lost.

“Why had God allowed this?”

Everything shattered when Lucifer fell from heaven.

Images of a perfect, peaceful Earth were erased and replaced with the world that we know today. Lucifer had returned back to Earth just before mankind was created. He wasn’t done yet, no.

With his legion at his side, Lucifer was waiting and watching, always ready to pounce on and turn mankind against their former Father.

In this book, understand our place within God’s Kingdom and understand what happened during the creation of Earth and mankind, before Noah’s flood, and before the rebirth of Earth. This period of time is responsible for the way we live today and will open our eyes to the reality of why Earth is no longer the perfect paradise God had made it out to be.

All this, told in the form of a story. $2.99 on Kindle.
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