Unfamiliar Innocence

Unfamiliar Innocence

Charles and Elsa should have been uncomfortable breaking southern social tradition. Charles was Irish and Elsa had the beautiful features of a Quadroon. Charles knew it was acceptable for him, as a plantation owner’s son, to take a Quadroon as a mistress. But Elsa wanted marriage. And she had her sights set on Charles. Charles had started to pursue Elsa as a potential mistress, but Elsa balked at every turn. She refused to accept anything less than a true public partnership.

Charles tried to walk away, but the draw his heartfelt for Elsa just grew with time. Rumors flew, and sides were chosen. Elsa’s brother also intervened with his Shanghai attempts. Charles’ innocence as to what he wanted, and Elsa’s dreams, seemed to be stopped at every turn. $7.95 on Kindle.

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