Tapestry of Worlds, Part II: Running and Gunning

Tapestry of Worlds, Part II: Running and Gunning

Green Beret, Jason “Ransom” McIlwain, and the rest of his Alpha Team flying to a Top-Secret Black Ops Base in the Gulf of Mexico. Armed with cutting-edge nanotechnology, Ransom and his team cross the veil between the worlds into the astral realm of New Orleans. There, the team discovers their newfound abilities as warrior mages have turned them into the government’s most elite paramilitary squad. As they embark on their mission to gather intel on the cyber-terrorist known as the Black Queen, they discover the Queen has declared war on all the Crescent City’s preternatural elite as she makes a push for power. While he is uncovering the Black Queen’s plot, Ransom stumbles across intel that his girlfriend is caught in the middle of the Black Queen’s web. Now he must choose between his duty to his country, the oath he took to protect his brothers, or to save his love. $2.99 on Kindle.

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