Fortune’s Folly

Fortune's Folly
Eden Fitzgerald’s story is a romantic saga that follows her from brave child to alluring woman, from naïve innocent to budding feminist. When her father is unjustly imprisoned she vows to have him freed. When legal methods fail, she dons a disguise and resorts to highway robbery to pay for his escape. She becomes known as the infamous thief Giselle, and must stay one step ahead of police, Crown agents, and vengeful men she betrayed.

It’s also the story of Alex Banning, whose initial meeting with Eden brands them both for life. Years later, they discover a powerful attraction that, consummated one summer night, cannot be sustained. Having been forced to give up his career in the Royal Navy, Alex is a reluctant agent for the Crown, investigating Eden’s family’s connection to the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

Fortune’s Folly includes the stories of the Fontaine men, two brothers and a cousin. André does not love Eden but marries her; Louis is dangerously obsessed with her; Laurent adores her from afar and is the unwitting catalyst for her flight. $0.99 on Kindle.

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