The Man Who Corrupted Heaven

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven is a beautifully dark novel of self-discovery.

Isaac McGlynn has it all and he’s taking it with him.

Isaac is cold, unfeeling, and wildly successful. After experiencing the loss of his mother and living his childhood in an orphanage, he gained everything as a businessman. Everything but love.

When Isaac is diagnosed with terminal cancer and realizes that his time on Earth is severely limited, he decides to take some of his money with him rather than leaving it all to John Hannebury (his best friend and business partner) or Susan Mitchell (his personal assistant and only other friend). He wants his position of power to continue on the other side.

In heaven, Isaac is given the chance to revisit pivotal moments in his life and see them from a different perspective. He visits the present and finds his friends miserable and nearly dysfunctional without him. Will Isaac finally come around and understand what love is through a final act of self-sacrifice? $2.99 on Kindle.

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