The Ghosts of Miller’s Crossing

The Ghosts of Miller's Crossing

Seeing ghosts is one thing. Not knowing how to deal with them will get you killed.

Edward Meyer and his two children returned to his hometown of Miller’s Crossing after the tragic loss of his wife. This move was ironic, since it was the tragic and mysterious death of his parents that forced him away thirty years ago. He wanted a quiet and peaceful setting for them to start over in, but what he found was anything but. Dark truths, a centuries old family secret, and a war as old as time itself await him. With the help of a trusted family friend and a religious relic, Edward joined the eternal battle of good versus evil and the devils of his past. Each demonic and spectral encounter lead to more details about is past. Details that force him to question if he placed his trust in the wrong side.

If you enjoy paranormal thrillers doused in the historical legends of the Vatican and Knights Templar, then this book is for you.

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