Mixed Tidings

Mixed Tidings

This is a story of old myths, set in the modern-day world. It tells of Pandora’s Box, of demons lurking in shadows, of wind gods and nymphs fighting for survival. It is the story of two teenagers experiencing friendship and romance and danger. Yet, despite hard times and against overwhelming odds, they learn fundamental truths still exist: people are capable of great compassion, we are remembered by our deeds, good and bad, and no matter how dark the days, the sun will shine again.

It is a story that explores the old theme of boy meets girl.

Alex, a high school student with abusive parents and little hope for the future, meets Cynthia, a fellow classmate, at lunch one day and his life takes a turn for the better. The two begin a platonic relationship with whispers of romance, but their lives are interrupted by a group of demons and they are torn away from each other. Each is sent down a new path in life that involves danger and adversity, but also companionship and kindness. $0.99 on Kindle.amazon buy now

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