Aliens and Androids

Aliens and Androids

If Douglas Adams and Ray Bradbury collaborated on writing, they’d present something like this hysterical and moving collection of science fiction short stories.

Have you ever wondered what an alien abduction is like from the alien’s viewpoint? Can a dying woman receive solace and comfort from a machine? What would it be like to fall into the hands of a get-rich-quick scheming extraterrestrial? All these questions and more are answered in this book of wonderfully crafted short stories by breakout author, J.J. Harlan.

Ranging from achingly beautiful to uproariously hilarious, this remarkable compilation of stories will evoke nostalgic feelings of the golden days of science fiction, when the promises of the future mingled with the pains of the human present. They will both remind you of the classic shorts you know and love, and turn sci-fi comedy tropes inside out and upside down. $0.99 on Kindleamazon buy now

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