Free: Anti-Aging Cream: A Novel of Finding Yourself, Starting Over, and Trucks

Anti-Aging Cream: A Novel of Finding Yourself, Starting Over, and Trucks
Have you ever wanted to start over and begin a new life? I do. Even though Im middle-aged, divorced, friendless, have been disowned by my children, and am a closeted lesbian. Starting over should be easy, right? Wrong!

Mary packed what little she owned after her divorce from her cheating husband into her car, ready to start a new life It takes less than a day to get carjackedMary’s too trusting for her own good and loses everything.

When Mary is offered a ride by Anna a beautiful woman driving a semi-truck she takes it. But not just because she has no options, but because there is something irresistible about Anna’s personality.

When Anna asks Mary if she wants to keep riding with her, Mary jumps at the offer and joins her. Because when she’s with Anna; Mary feels brave, bold, passionate, and for the first time in her life, she feels like herself.

It is only after agreeing to see the United States from the seat of the big rig, does Mary realize that she may have a crush on Annaa big one! Which forces Mary to confront feelings she has hidden her entire life.

At forty-three, Mary finds herself falling in love for the first time, and to a beautiful woman. Will she ignore the feelings she has for her new friend? Or will she dare to act on her feelings to see if love is possible? The one thing Mary does know is semi-truck sleepers have little privacy for two people.

Anti-Aging Cream is a story of adventures and first times. If you enjoyed Written in the Stars, Wrong Number, Right Woman, and The Love Hypothesis, then you will love curling up in your sleeper with this novel after a long day’s driving.

Tropes: Fade to Black, Confined Space, First Time, Travel, Coming Out, First Love, Bisexual. Free on Kindle.
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