Reclaiming Joy: Modern Biblical Romance

Reclaiming Joy: Modern Biblical Romance

She’s been abandoned by everyone she’s ever known. He’s a rebel soul with no relationship to God. After a disastrous breakup, can the healing powers of Jesus mend the rift between them?

Joy, a young naive Asian American girl, fell hard and fast for Randy. When he disappeared, it devastated her, along with being banished from her home by her strict mother. Left with a newborn baby to care for, and after a tough year of single motherhood, Joy doesn’t feel she’ll ever be able to trust again.

Randy is a slightly scruffy farm hand with a motorcycle and no room for God. Abandoned by divorced parents, his life hasn’t been easy, and he’s fallen in with a bad crowd. Of his many regrets, one of them is abandoning Joy a year ago after they broke up.

When Joy caters a meal for a Christian weekend lakeside gathering not knowing Randy is in attendance, all she wants is to serve the food and promptly leave. However, Jesus in the flesh convinces her to stay. While still trying to come to terms with her frustration and anger, a piece of her yearns to take part in the gathering as Jesus and the other guests engage in spirited games and lively conversations concerning love, life, mistakes, and misunderstandings about God.

Through interacting with Jesus and witnessing his love and insight firsthand, can these two young people learn to be whole for possibly the first time in their lives?

Ready for an inspiring wholesome love story where Christ is real? Featuring interesting and grounded characters, plenty of heartfelt moments, and meaningful scriptures, this is the perfect faith-based book for teens and adults alike.

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