The Draconic Pipeline

The Draconic Pipeline
Wake, eat, work, return, eat, sleep. Day in and day out, all day every day, without fail… Such is the life of a Pipeline Worker, and this was the life of Mark Smith. Until the day it wasn’t. When a Worker’s death opens up a literal new world for Mark, he finds that his own existence is not all that he once knew it to be. When forced to admit the truth, he realizes he is faced with life-changing decisions in both worlds… but one wrong move in either could end his trips between worlds and the lives of everyone he knows.

The Dreamwalker novels are a portal series chronicling the journeys of Dreamwalkers, those that move between two distinctly different worlds every time they sleep. One world is a dystopian near-future City ruled over by the ever-present Corporation – the other, a world of fantasy where alchemists craft magical potions and dragons rule the skies. Suitable for most ages and reading comprehension levels. $2.99 on Kindle.
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