Coyote’s Road Trip

Coyote's Road Trip
“Unlike so many action-oriented dystopian stories, this is a somewhat surreal, moody, and introspective tale, with an easy flow to it that’s much like . . . well . . . taking a long drive.” —S. Lynn Helton.

Coyote Jim, the shape-shifting spirit of a desert valley in Nevada is forced out of his home by climate change. He robs a store and takes off in his pickup truck, looking for “the mountain in the air” described to him by a ghost. A blend of magical realism, travelogue, and post-climate change dystopia, this book has a 4.41 average rating on Goodreads from readers who describe it as “wonderful,” “original and interesting,” and “a tale told vividly.” $0.99 on Kindle.
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