The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible | 11 Books in 1

The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible | 11 Books in 1: A Guide to Thriving Self-Sufficiently During Disaster Scenarios. Home-Defense, Pantry, Stockpiling, ... Mindset, and More
PREPARE FOR THE WORST — If you constantly fear what lies ahead, then let this 11-in-1 Long-Term Survival Bible for Modern Preppers help you!

Should disaster strike, are you and your family ready for it?

Your worries are valid.

From a global pandemic to ego-fueled wars, the constant barrage of bad news has made you wonder (more times than you care to admit) what lies ahead should natural or man-made catastrophes ensue.

That’s why you need to prepare yourself for the worst to ensure safety for you and your loved ones! But where do you even start?

“THE PREPPER’S LONG TERM SURVIVAL BIBLE | 11 Books in 1: A Guide to Thriving Self-Sufficiently During Disaster Scenarios. Home-Defence, Pantry, Stockpiling, Off-Grid Bunker, Survival Mindset and More” by Jim Grylls is your one-stop shop to surviving the next earthquake, plague, or even World War!

Throughout his career as a renowned survivalist, Grylls has seen, done, and overcome it all! Using the insights, tips, and tools that he’s learned from his line of business, he strategically lays out everything you need to know on how to play the long game and survive any calamity!

Here are the survival masterpieces you’ll get from THE PREPPER’S LONG TERM SURVIVAL BIBLE | 11 Books in 1:
-The Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide: When and Why Prepping. 14+1 Catastrophes that Can Happen Tomorrow as a Déjà Vu, and How to Prepare Yourself for the Worse Scenarios
-The Prepper’s Long Term Pantry in 72 Hours: How to Acquiring Foods on a Budget, Canning, Preserving and Stockpiling for Long Term Survival
-The Prepper’s Doomsday Cookbook: How to Plan and Cook Nutritional Emergency Meal on a Budget + 15 Long-Term Foods You Always Need
-The Prepper’s Disaster-Ready Home: How to Convert Your Home into a Fortress and Build Your Own Off-Grid Bunker + Home-defense tips and tricks
-The Prepper’s Long Term Natural Medicine: Life-Saving Remedies, Herbs, Essential Oil, and Hygiene Tricks for When There is NO Doctor
-The Prepper’s Thriving Mindset: How to Think and Act after the Society Collapse + 3 Tips to Entertain Your Family
-The Prepper’s Military Protocol: Hidden Secrets Used by Forced Army to Survive during the Most Horrific Scenarios and how to Easily Apply Them Now
-The Prepper’s Wilderness Survival Tips and Tricks Handbook: 15 Items You Need, and You Can Afford (for NOW), Mistakes to Avoid while Prepping, the Family Escape Plan from City, and much More
-The Prepper’s Long Term Knowledge: Prepper Basic and Advanced Knots, Start Fires, Edible Wild Plants and Procure Guide
-BONUS 1: Off Grid Solar Panel & 12 Volt Power for Preppers: A Technical Guide to Design, Install and Maintain Self-Sufficient Solar Panels
-BONUS 2: U.S. Army Survival Guide Handbook: The Prepper’s Survival Army Guide to Wilderness Thriving
You will also find another gift inside. This is a surprise!
» And…. personalized, professional formatting that will follow you throughout this survival journey

Keep in mind that even if you get stuck, you can always send us an email (provide inside each book of the series), we are always happy to help you with any questions you might have! $2.99 on Kindle
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