Awakening Book 1 – Spiritual Poems & Self Help Affirmations for the Spiritual Seeker

“Matt’s recent work is a beautiful collection of writing that gives voice to my own soul. This may sound weird (or over the top) but his poetry is like rich earth that grows ideas, wonder, joy and so much more. As an English teacher I am always looking for poets to share with my students and I cannot wait to introduce them to Matt’s work!”

“Our hearts were made for melding,

can’t you feel them in the fire?

Our every dream can come true,

when we choose to live together.” – Matt Buonocore

“I love this book. Matt’s poetry is truly soul gripping. He writes about spiritual pain, love and growth.”

“The concern conveyed in Matt’s thoughts and messages is palpable. Simple statements these may be, but they give rise to empowerment – quietly, gently and meaningfully – so poetically appropriate at this moment in time – and always.”

Awaken Into Remembrance is a book of poems and affirmations for the spiritual seeker. Each poem and affirmation is meant to elicit a new vibratory experience to guide the reader towards spiritual growth. We are all called to serve ourselves and then the world. This book is meant to be a message for all of those who choose the path of service. As our fear disintegrates, we are able to walk closer to our true nature, and this truth is the constant factor that binds us all together.

This is BOOK ONE in the Awakening Series.

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